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At a much happier spot in the hospital, the doors to the elevator open for a waiting Mark. Hahn and Callie stare out at him. He pauses, but gets in while Callie smirks and tells Hahn that he's thinking about a threesome. After some teasing he admits, "Okay, fine. I got a new leaf, not a lobotomy." Hahn tells him that he couldn't handle the two of them and when he tells them he surely could, Hahn reaches over and plants a long, steamy kiss on Callie. Mark's jaw drops, and Hahn tells him triumphantly, "See? Too much for you." She steps off the elevator, leaving behind a stunned Callie. Mark fidgets before yelling, "Dammit! On call room. Now." Callie follows him in a zombie-like stupor

Derek is walking down the stairs when he sees Rose angrily attacking some licorice. He calls after her, but she's finally fed up with her treatment and refuses his invitation to go to dinner. He actually has the gall to act like she's the one in the wrong. She tells him that she wishes she was the kind of person who didn't care or worry when the guy she slept with just vanishes but that's not her. She tries to walk away but Derek stops her and asks stupidly if they can't just make it easier. He stutters, "See, I've done complicated. I don't want to do that again. Let's just be easy. Fun? We don't need that fairy tale thing right now. We just need a little happy." And because she's a moronic pushover, she accepts this pathetic little bone from the man whom she feels way more than casual about. They hold hands and leave.

Dr. Amy is at her desk when the door opens, and she turns to find Meredith in tears. Mere sits and takes a few deep breaths before admitting, "My mother tried to kill herself when I was a kid. After the love of her life disappeared. I never told anybody that before." Dr. Amy sits and calmly says, "Okay," waiting for Mere to go on when she's ready. She finally replies, "So you think I'm broken? Fix me. 'Cause I'm no quitter. Let's go!" And on that note, we go to black to wait for the season finale. I don't know, it looks suspiciously like Meredith might actually be willing to work on becoming less of a neurotic mess in the future, and more of an adult trying to take control of her life. We'll have to wait and see.

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