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Derek and Meredith are getting ready for their next patient and they seem to have tweaked the virus that they're using. Derek is optimistic and says they're going to open that bottle of champagne soon. Meredith's distracted and he asks if she's okay -- when she says that she's fine, he tells her he knows clinical trials can be hard and he can do this patient on his own if she likes, because then he can feel even more brilliant and superior as a surgeon and human being. Well, I might have editorialized that last bit from his stupid hushed tones and furrowed brow. "I'm not a quitter. I don't need you to rescue me. Let's just do this," she rushes through the words and runs off to the patient's room.

This week's tumor patient is Greta, who is arguing with her sister when they walk in. She asks if they can push the surgery for a few hours. She wants her boyfriend, whose flight was cancelled, to be there, since he has questions to ask. Derek wonders if she's thinking of cancelling the surgery but she skirts the issue, telling them instead that she just met Andre, her boyfriend, in January and they've had very little time together. She asks for confirmation that this treatment could potentially kill her. Derek also doesn't answer directly, saying that her tumor is very aggressive and if they chose not to operate, she'd only have a few months. She points out that she'd spend those months with Andre. "Do you know how precious that is? Time with the person you love?" Ah, the night's first subtle punch to the head. Greta's sister pleads with her but Greta insists that when Andre gets there, he'll help her decide. The sister and Derek share a look that they get one another, and she goes back to writing in her journal.

Ava is looking for Dr. Sloane when Izzie comes across her and angrily demands to know where she's been. Stating the obvious, Ava notes that Izzie seems upset. Izzie points out that she knows Ava isn't pregnant, that Alex is turning his life upside-down for her, and that Izzie can't tell him anything because of confidentiality. Ava just responds that Izzie can tell Alex anything -- she wants him involved -- and insists that she is pregnant. She thinks Izzie is the crazy one but Izzie says that if she's really pregnant, she won't mind if Izzie does another test to confirm it. Ava can't believe it and says that it's a good thing that she's pregnant because she's always wanted a baby, and it takes Izzie pointing out that she already has a baby for her to correct her statement to, "another baby." Ava tells her to go ahead with another test and asks if she can help her see Sloane as well, which Izzie grudgingly agrees to do.

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