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Oh, Rose, I am already so bored of you. Could you be any blander? She accosts Derek to say he clearly didn't like the sex since he didn't call, and then totally takes his bullshit answer that he just lost a patient and his mind is on work. She asks if she'll see him later and he gives her the most forced smile ever, which she accepts before bounding off. Not only is she bland, she has NO INTUITION WHATSOEVER. Sheesh. Mark walks up behind to hear the end of things, and can't believe Derek didn't call her. Derek just asks when the last time was that Mark called a woman after sex. Touché! However, he claims that he's turning over a new leaf as of now. Derek offers some legitimate advice for once, says who cares that he was called a whore? At least he was happy.

Mark gets cut off when the Chief arrives to tell them about Tapley's surgery and how Hahn has refused out of fear of killing him. Mark and Derek both comment, "Lightweight." Richard can't believe anyone would turn him down (in his post-sex haze, he must have forgotten about his wife giving him the boot not long ago) and Derek tells him that it's Hahn's choice since she's the one opening Tapley up. Before running off, the Chief asks what it means if a woman doesn't return your after-sex phone call. "Does that mean she had a lousy time, or does that mean her answering machine was consumed in a fire?" Mark points out to Derek that the Chief calls women after sex. Derek tells him, with too much force, that Richard doesn't even have to call her because it's new, fun, and casual! This would play better if you didn't then see her working to rub it in that you didn't call, Derek. Richard tells them it's his wife. There's a chorus of, "Ooooooooh!" They tell him another call looks desperate, and that he should send an email asking her to dinner. Derek: "Just be casual, confident." Mark: "Sexyyyyy." Derek looks at him. "I mean... romantic!" George runs by again and Richard grabs him for an update, which is that he ordered tests on Tapley and assigned Cristina to him. He then pulls George aside and admits straight-up that though he said he wouldn't use George to get Adele back, but he's desperate. He asks George to write her an email and then thinks out loud that he should ask, no, he should tell her to go to dinner. He gives a few more instructions before getting the bright idea that George should tell her, "The train is leaving the station and she better get on it." George makes a face that says even the already-divorced intern knows this isn't how you play it.

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