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It has been a mighty long time since I can remember a scene in the stairwell -- it's good to have you back, old friend! Izzie catches up with Alex to talk about Ava and in an even, calm, un-Izzie-like voice says that she isn't pregnant, and she wanted to tell him. She explains that Ava thinks it's a false negative and it isn't. He protests that she was throwing up and her breasts are larger, and when Izzie holds firm he gets really pissed and yells that labs are wrong all the time and in fact SHE is wrong all the time. He then hollers at her to mind her own business and stay out of his life. I am so conflicted right now that he's made me feel for Izzie, who actually handled everything well and was trying to do the right thing.

Mere knocks on Dr. Amy's door and when it opens, demands her chart back. Dr. Amy reiterates the fired/quit distinction and informs Meredith it's not appropriate to barge in without an appointment. She shuts the door in her face, so, being Meredith, she barges in to have the last word and finds Hahn sitting there. "Make and appointment, Grey. It's what we do," she says testily. Dr. Amy gives Mere a pissy glare that mirrors Hahn's and Meredith retreats.

Bailey's got a team in front of her and gives directions for Tapley's care, including orders for Cristina to put in a central line. She's paged by the day care center but Richard has George go in her place since he needs her there for now. Once everyone disperses, Cristina blandly tells Lexie to give Tapley a central line. Lexie is confused, since, being an intern, she's never done one before but Cristina has no time to be anything other than morose. She verbally shits on her and leaves. Really mature way to handle your own disappointment and inferiority complex, Cristina.

Meredith finds Derek and is shocked to find out he hasn't yet talked to Greta about Andre. She already mixed the virus and they only have six hours until it goes bad, but Derek isn't concerned since they only have to wait three hours until he is supposed to arrive. He wants Greta to have a few more hours with the idea of him since they'll destroy that when they take out the tumor. Naturally, because she's out of therapy and back to being thoughtless as a result, I guess, Meredith thinks he should just rip off the band-aid so she can get fixed and go back to her life, but Derek thinks she was probably just a lonely person who will go back to being lonely after the surgery. He's probably right in this case, but I'm getting a little tired of his sincere, world-weary life lessons. Meredith informs him that love like Greta's only exists in delusional fantasies and that love like that doesn't actually exist, so Derek balks, "Good to know," at her and leaves. Dude, you broke up with her because of this shit, so get over yourself.

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