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George shows up with Tuck in his arms instead of the usual stack of charts. It seems Tuck punched another kid over a graham cracker and the day care people want Bailey to talk to him. I'm glad at her response: "He's fourteen months old, what do they think I'm going to do? Give him a lecture on non-violent conflict resolution?" For a second I was wondering if they'd magically aged him like they do soap opera offspring. He hands over the boy and all of his accessories to Bailey who can't believe her boy's a puncher.

Lexie runs up to George in a panic -- with tears in her eyes, she tells him that Cristina is awful and making her do a central line. George goes on for a while about how Tapley, aka God, is a patient and as the Chief's intern he's too busy to do anything else except stay focused on him. Once he finds out that Tapley is the patient who needs the line, though, he agrees to do it. Cristina acidly starts to mock him for being a kiss-ass, all the while sticking paper clips into a Styrofoam cup. I have no idea if it's just a TV thing, or if it's actually a phenomenon in the medical world, but in any workplace I've ever been in, if someone stopped doing her work and just sat around being shitty to everyone around her while wallowing about her sad life, she'd be gone. George demands to know what's wrong with her that she throws away him giving her Tapley on a platter. A pretty fair point since she's spent so much time begging whoever can make a difference to get her in on cardio stuff. And yes, Burke won the award in the meantime but you know what? Just go home if you hate it that much all of a sudden. Why does no one think they're going to get in trouble if they don't do their job? Oh wait, this is Seattle Grace. I forgot. Lexie watches while Cristina berates George for still being an intern and supposes that if Burke was still there, he'd be able to work his way up to resident but since he's not, he's going to get shit. Projecting, much? God, she's miserable. I have literally zero pity for her in this situation.

Derek watches Meredith through a window and asks Mark if he was actually happy when they were together. Mark tells him it was off and on, which prompts Derek to announce that he thinks that he idealized it, and supposes Mark wouldn't stay with someone so unpredictable and unavailable. He reiterates his whole idea of keeping things light and casual. Here's another one -- fucking woe is me, Derek! You knew what you were getting into when you got back together with her for the forty-seventh time, so you can't have some epiphany about it now! Mark tells him not to sell himself short with Rose and advises that he grow and share experiences with her. It's that new leaf talking.

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