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Richard strides up and declares, "I am the Chief of Surgery." Hahn responds, "I am not killing Walter Tapley. I don't care who you are." Callie tries to leave but Richard tells her to stay. They argue a bit and again Callie tries to sneak away, so Richard again tells her to stay and asks what's going on with all the women that none of them do what he says. Callie needs to stay there, Hahn needs to go over Tapley's chart again, and they're under orders if they see Adele to tell her it's polite to return a man's phone call. Cristina calls him a star. Can you be a star if your staff repeatedly disrespects you?

Mere and Derek are back in with Greta and he gently tells her that the tumor can blur the line between reality and fantasy. Eager to have someone else beaten down by life, Mere interrupts him to blurt out that Andre could be part of that confusion. Greta sighs and tells them that her sister is used to being the happy family woman and Greta being single, and that she can't stand that she found someone. Mere tells her there are no pictures, so she pulls out her journal and shows them drawings of a man's face. Mere points out that they're drawings, made from an image in her head, but Greta says she is an artist. Mere has lost all perspective and persists in asking if she did a lot of writing before, and finally Derek cuts in angrily and orders her to leave Greta alone, which he has to do twice. Greta remains remarkably calm, asserting that she fell in love with him and held him and that he's real. Her sister asks her to tell the story of how they met. Unfortunately, it's Cinderella's story -- Greta lost her shoe but the boat was about to leave so she left it and ran off. Andre found it and returned it to her, and the rest, minus all of the mice making her clothes and whatnot, is history, Her sister prompts her to tell how her first blackouts were on the ship as well, and Greta says that Andre carried her but her sister corrects her, saying that a woman found her passed out in the bathroom. Once she says Prince Charming wasn't there, Greta loses her patience and orders everyone out. She regains her composure and Meredith, not noticing Derek's clenched jaw, tells her that the virus serum will expire in a few hours. She asks if it will by 3:00 and Derek cuts in to say that it won't, interrupting Meredith's protest to assure her that they can't wait all day, but they can wait until 3. He tstorms out and slams the door, and either doesn't hear or ignores Rose when she calls after him to ask about his patient.

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