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Mark examines Ava's face and calls it some of his best work. When he turns away Ava agrees that it's great but that it doesn't match her body, and she pulls open her gown so that when he turns around he gets quite the eyeful. He tells her to cover up, and she insists that her body doesn't match her face or her personality. Mark cuts in to remind her that she's pregnant and he can't operate but she cuts in to say she doesn't want a lecture, she wants him to "finish what [he] started." She asks him pointedly, "Can you do that?"

Mere, in typically bitchy and immature form, storms into the bathroom and begins talking to a stall door -- behind which is Dr. Amy trying to do her business in peace. Mere won't listen to another order to make an appointment and instead demands her chart back, asking where Dr. Amy gets off calling her a coward and a quitter. You won't speak to your therapist during a session but you will speak to her when she's incapacitated on the other side of the door, Mere. She asks if Dr. Amy is trying to make her feel bad about her life just so she can fix her in therapy and finishes with, "I don't need therapy!" On cue, Lexie storms in. She announces, "I forgive you." She explains that forgives Meredith for treating her badly and for letting Cristina do the same, explaining that their dad abandoned her, her mom was horrific and she can't be happy with Derek. Mere has failed to fulfill the fantasies Lexie had about having an older sister but Lexie still loves her and because of that, she forgives her. Lexie turns and leaves as a toilet flushes and Dr. Amy comes out and asks, "Two o'clock work for you?" Mere answers in a small voice, "Yeah, okay."

Hahn seems to have come around on doing Tapley's surgery: In his hospital room, she tells Richard that if Tapley dies she's going to tell everyone on earth that he forced her to do the surgery. She leaves and Tapley assures him he'll be fine, but Richard admits she's got "impeccable judgment. And this may be the dumbest thing I've ever done." Tapley then admits that another surgeon he knows would have done it, but just in case he didn't survive, he wanted to be in the OR with a good friend to say goodbye. Richard takes his hand and tells him that he's honored, but Tapley assures him he shouldn't be, and that he should have had a wife and kids so they could be there with him instead. Apparently, being single really is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

Sloane tracks Izzie down to talk about Ava and they fill each other in on what's going on. He tells her that she might have Acute Stress Disorder; that people who have had trauma and massive plastic surgery can look in the mirror and not recognize their body, which makes them unsure of who they are. He tells her to make sure she knows she isn't pregnant and to get a psych consult.

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