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Losing My Religion (3)

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Losing My Religion (3)
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I'd first like to thank Keckler for covering the second hour of this monstrosity. If I'd had to recap all three hours of it, I'm sure I'd have gone as kookoopants as Izzie has by now. Anyway, previously on Grey's, there was a one-hour finale, and then another, and now here we are.

Webber has Fool and the Gang all lined up in his office. Izzie, standing on the end, tells Webber that she cut the LVAD wire. Mere, next in line: "Actually, I cut the LVAD wire." George, standing next to Meredith, says no, he did it. George has to shove Cristina in the shoulder to get her to say that she, too, cut it, which...hee. And finally, Alex: "I didn't do anything, I'm totally innocent." This sets off the rest of them yelling at Alex about loyalty and friendship and the agreement they had, until Webber shouts above them, "PEOPLE! I know who did this so you might as well come clean. I KNOW." George all-due-respects him, "If you knew, you wouldn't be asking us." Mere joins in, saying he has his suspicions, but doesn't actually know the truth, so he can't do anything to any of them. Webber stands up. "Well, ONE OF YOU compromised a patient's life. One of you STOLE AN ORGAN. Now you tell me and you tell me RIGHT NOW!" The Gang is silent. Webber has no choice but to let them go for now, but he hits them with this on their way out: "No surgeries. No one scrubs in, no one watches from the gallery, no one so much as goes near the OR floor. Until someone confesses, the five of you will share a single patient: Camille Travis. Whatever she wants, the five of you will provide it. Now get the hell out of my sight." Angry Webber is pretty scary, but not scary enough.

Once outside, Izzie tells the rest of the Gang that she'll go back and tell him she did it. Cristina looks like she's considering this to be a good idea, but Mere tells her she'll keep her mouth shut and like it. Alex: "This is crap. I'm turning her in." Hee. Love. Izzie says she's sorry, and she really does appreciate what he did for Denny. Alex tells her to shut up, and says the only reason he did what he did is because he wanted in on the transplant surgery. "I don't care about Denny! And I hope you get thrown out on your ass." Cristina tells Alex to shut his own self up, and says they are going to stick together, because they all did this. True, but only because Izzie started it. Izzie ruins everything! Cristina realizes she's actually just had a human emotion, and stops herself. "Damn it!" Izzie thanks her. George tells them that Camille Travis is a kid with cancer; they give her what she wants for a couple of days -- how hard can that be? "Harder than you might think," says Bailey, who's just come around the corner. She introduces them to Claire and Natalie, Camille's two Promlets-in-Chief. Bailey asks them who Camille Travis is. Promlet One: "Like, the Chief of Surgery's niece." She then asks what Camille Travis wants. Promlet Two: "Like, the best prom EVER!" The Gang all freak out silently.

Cut to the Promlets discussing the prom theme with Alex and George. George is taking notes like he's studying to do a thoracotomy instead of painting a party pic backdrop. Cristina comments to Mere that she didn't like teenage girls when she was a teenage girl. Mere says prom wasn't really her thing; she had pink hair and black clothes, which I find very hard to believe, since, as Keckler noted to me earlier, she's obviously a total head cheerleader type. Probably a stupid flyer, too, as tiny as she is. Cristina confesses that her mom made her go, and her date threw up on her dress and tried to feel her up. That must be a common theme, because it also happened to me. Suck it, Homecoming 1989.

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