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Losing My Religion (3)

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Losing My Religion (3)
o the room and find Izzie on the bed with Denny, her arms around his neck, and her face buried next to his. It is absolutely heartbreaking. Izzie tells them, not moving, that it was probably a stroke; he was prone to blood clots, and one could have formed on his sutures and traveled to his brain. Mere says her name: "Iz." Izzie is clearly in shock -- she says Dr. Hahn did a beautiful job on the surgery, but she doesn't know why she didn't think of blood clots. "He died all alone. He was alone." George says there was nothing she could have done. "I changed my dress three times. I wanted to look nice. I would have been here sooner, but I couldn't figure out which dress to wear." Everyone looks positively AWFUL, and I see now why Shonda Rhimes put them all in black so they all looked like they were at a funeral, while Izzie's the only one dressed in cheerful, hopeful pink.

Her friends try to convince her to get up -- she shouldn't be in here, they need to move him, she can't stay here even though they know she wants to. Izzie asks them to please, please just get out; she wants to be alone with Denny. It is Alex who finally says something she hears. "Izzie, that's not Denny." He walks over to her, the only one with balls enough to get close. "Iz, that's not Denny. The minute his heart stopped beating he stopped being Denny. Now I know you love him, but he also loved you. And a guy who loves you like that, he doesn't want you to do this to yourself. Because it's not Denny. Not anymore." Izzie says he was just proposing an hour ago, and now he's not here, isn't that ridiculous? She starts sobbing, and says, "Isn't that the most ridiculous piece of crap you ever heard?" It is. She's wailing full-on now, and Alex picks her up in his arms, takes her over to a chair, and sits down. He holds her tight as she grieves, and it's probably the sweetest thing our evil frat boy has done in his bad, bad life. It's perfect.

Cristina watches Burke watch his trembling hand from the doorway of his hospital room. She strides over and closes her hand over his.

McDreamy and his guilty self meet up with Addison in the hospital lobby. McVet and Bailey are there too, as is Webber, who's looking for Izzie. An exhausted Izzie, followed by her friends, walks over to the Chief. Izzie tells him, with tears in her eyes, "It was me. I cut his LVAD wire. I did and no one helped me. And now...I thought I was a surgeon, but I'm not. So I quit." This time no one says anything in her defense, but Bailey calls after her as she walks out, "Izzie." She doesn't stop, just keeps walking, and as she walks down the stairs, George and Alex follow behind her -- her two guys, always there, right? Shut up, this is the finale and it's the time for BEING SENTIMENTAL and CRYING.

Back in the lobby, Addie says this probably puts an end to the evening. Webber agrees, and they both walk off. McVet tells Mere he'll drive her home, but Meredith is rooted to her spot. She looks over at McDreamy, who says questioningly, "Meredith." McVet does the same: "Meredith?" Mere stands there, the three of them forming a triangle, and fade out. And that, my friends, is how not to do a cliffhanger, because...seriously?

Thanks for a great season, everybody, and I'll see you next year!

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