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Losing My Religion (3)

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Losing My Religion (3)
er why you loved them in the first place. Okay, that was bad, but hey -- one sports analogy begets the other.

Cristina's turn. She looks terrified, which isn't like her at all. Webber tells her that he knows how hard it is for her to be away from the OR, so if she wants to get back there, she better tell him what he wants to know. Cristina says no, it's not easy; it's also not easy for her to sit in front of an authority figure and give him the exact answer he wants to hear -- but right now, she doesn't have any of those answers. "How do you keep your edge, Sir?" she suddenly asks. She says she watches him, and he's clean and focused -- nothing gets to him no matter what. "And the thing is, Sir, I was like that. Until I got here. Until I actually started doing this job, and now everything is...fuzzy." Webber sits back, realizing he's gotten himself into trouble with this one. He says this is beside the point. Cristina says no, this is the point, because she can't tell him what happened in that room, and before? She could have, before she had those stupid loyalties. Before, she wouldn't have even been in the room, or gotten involved. "I would have never frozen in surgery, and I would have been able to tell him what he thought he should do. I had an edge, Sir. I had an edge, and I've lost it. And I need it. I need it back. So...if you could just tell you keep yours...and how not to be affected? I know I could be a great surgeon. So if you could just give me the answers, I would really appreciate it." A single tear drops from Cristina's eye as she says this last, and I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT. So if someone could just give me the answers, I would really appreciate it. Webber regards this genius of his for a moment, then abruptly excuses her. Cristina panics: "I'll tell you. I'll tell you who cut the LVAD wires if you could just please..." Webber says he doesn't want to know, not from her. He has the answers, he says, but he can't tell them to her, because he won't be responsible for her becoming less human. Cristina looks at him again with those sad, sad eyes, and I don't know how anyone could resist telling her anything she wanted to know.

Izzie opens her interrogation by informing Webber that she's a pretty girl, and not in a "from a certain angle" way, in an obvious way. "It's the blonde thing. And the boobs thing. Big boobs are the key to the pretty, if you know what I'm saying." Heeee. Webber is disgusted, yet oddly aroused. He tries to get her back on topic (and Lord have mercy, do I know how that feels), but Izzie keeps on. She says the pretty confuses guys into thinking she's someone else, and she's used to walking away from that. "But then Denny goes and asks me to marry him!" she gushes. "He doesn't make me feel like I'm a pretty girl. He makes me feel like me. I think he might know me." If she did cut the LVAD wire, she continues, and she's not saying she did, but if she did? She doesn't feel guilty. "And I know that I should and I would if it were anybody else. But I can't feel anything but happy!" Webber starts to cry in frustration.

George is silent. Webber stares and tries to intimidate him into talking. George is silent some more. Minutes tick by. George finally breaks by saying he's not going to break. Webber stares harder, edging into Blue Steel territory. George: "I'm getting a little freaked out, but I'm not gonna break." Heh. George says it's not because he doesn't care; he just can't tell him what he wants to hear, which seems to be a theme in his life. He launches into a spiel about how you can want to say something, but don't, and not want to say something, but do, and how life is so complicated, and also...well, sucks. Webber is so confused right now, and it is a beautiful thing.

And finally, Meredith. Webber attempts to guilt her into telling the truth, but Meredith has a little guilt stored up for him, too. "I've been going over this and over this in my mind, trying to piece this together." Webber nods, thinking he's finally getting somewhere, and he's so earnest that I feel a little sorry about what's coming. That's when Mere hits him with this: "It was you. You were the reason my parents broke up. And it wasn't just an affair. She really loved you. She left her husband for you, but you stayed with your wife...because it was the right thing to do." Webber is having trouble, now, deciding whether to a) shit, or b) go blind. He turns his head, unable to even look at Mere, and we go to a blessedly tension-breaking commercial.

Mere finds McDreamy relaxing with a coffee and a magazine, and tells him McVet says they need to make a decision about Doc. McDreamy: "Good for Finn." Jesus gay. Mere asks if they can just do this one thing together without arguing, because she thinks they may have to put him to sleep. McDreamy says whatever she wants to do. "What if there's a chance he can get better?" Mere asks. McDreamy states flatly that he's not going to get better. Mere says Finn thinks they should do it today, then, and slams the door. Okay! Great scene, you guys. Not ridiculous or TOTALLY RETARDED at all.

Izzie bounces back into Denny's room as Bailey's checking him out. She tells Izzie to come back in one hour -- she's no longer a doctor, and she'll observe visiting hours just like everyone else. Izzie says she can't wait. Denny: "Ixnay on the insubordination-ay." Aw. Over Bailey's protests, Izzie says, "But it's my turn to talk," and Denny tells Bailey to hold on. "It's her turn," he says softly and with adorable happiness. Izzie doesn't mince words this time -- she says "yes." Bailey looks at them both like they've gone even crazier, and Denny tells Izzie that she's gonna make his heart stop beating. It's much less cheesy than it sounds, I assure you. Izzie goes over to touch him, but Bailey nearly slaps her hand. "I will call security on you." Izzie says fine, she'll come back during visiting hours. "And it's prom, so I'll show you my dress." Off Bailey's look, she repeats petulantly, "I'm going!" Denny calls after her to tell her she did good. Izzie grins and runs off. Denny confides to Bailey, "I tricked her into marrying me. How smart am I?" Not smart enough to keep your sweetheart from breaking every rule in the book, but it'll do.

Cristina finds it in her heart to stop by Burke's room. She tells him they're throwing a prom. Burke says O'Malley mentioned it. Cristina: "George came to see you?" Burke: "He's my friend." Oh, ow. That hurts, and she deserves it. Burke has his head turned away from her, unable to look her in the eye. "I won't bear a grudge," he says, and breaks every heart in the world. Cristina gets closer, trying to understand what he's saying. Burke finally looks at her. "I have to take care of me. I don't expect you to take care of me, but I have to take care of me. If this...if you can't stay here for this, I won't bear a grudge." Oh, Burke. Cristina asks if he's going to tell McDreamy about the tremor. Burke hesitates, then says not yet. He obviously needs time to regain control of his INCREDIBLE HOTNESS before he does.

McVet's Office of Euthanasia and Sadness. Mere, McDreamy, and Addison are all there. McVet explains that he'll give Doc an injection to make him sleepy, then another injection of phenobarbitol to stop his heart. Everyone looks so sad, I can't take it. Mere asks what they do after, with his body. McVet says they can dispose of it for them, but at Meredith's protests that they can't just throw him away like garbage, McDreamy says there's that clearing by the trailer, overlooking the water, and they can bury him there. Addie says that sounds nice, but you all know she's not really involved in this, right? Mere's already crying, but tells McVet she's ready. Addie, of course, is called away to the hospital, so she says goodbye and leaves. McVet gives Doc the injection, and Mere pets the dog tearfully. McDreamy does too, and at a certain, really sad moment, their hands

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