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Losing My Religion (3)

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Losing My Religion (3)
touch, which is really the point of this whole thing. McVet says he's gone, and Meredith is near hysterics. She says she has to go home and change. McVet stops her to say how sorry he is. Mere whispers through her tears, "It's okay. He wasn't really my dog. He was more Derek's dog." McDreamy tells her what a good dog he was, and Meredith agrees. It would be really awful, too, if "dog" didn't so obviously = "relationship of Mere and McDreamy, now dead." Commercials.

When we get back, it's the prom, everybody get ready to rock! Everything is beautiful, per Dr. Bailey's fabulous instructions, and every-one looks beautiful, just dressed to the nines. Bailey and Cristina chat about Burke, which Cristina doesn't really want to do, but she's totally stuck by the punch bowl with no one to rescue her. Hee. McVet the Prom King is there, and asks McDreamy where Meredith is. McDreamy doesn't think she's there yet, but then they both turn around, and there is Mere coming down the stairs in her sparkly black dress. She looks great, and their expressions both reflect that. McVet goes to greet Mere, and Addison catches up to McDreamy. She gives this hilarious speech about the traumatic memories this prom brings back -- she was apparently a band geek with braces and a lisp, who spent the whole evening with a fellow geek named Skippy, talking about STAR WARS. Ha ha haaaa! How's that for perfect? She asks McDreamy to dance, and he accepts, though it is beyond me how he refrained from making some kind of "Addie-Wan Kenobi" joke.

Ooh, it's a slow song. Webber cuts in on his niece Camille and her terrified date. Camille laughs and asks her uncle what he said to her boyfriend to make him that scared. Webber says he's just a frightening man where Brian is concerned. Camille gets the old tear ducts all warmed up when she tells Webber to be kind to Brian, because he loves her. "I've been loved, and that's something everyone should have once in their life. I've been loved." She puts her head on his shoulder and thanks him for the prom. Webber can barely get out a "you're welcome," he's so choked up. Join the club, Richard.

Callie's all ready for the prom, but she's mad as hell at George. He follows her through the hospital and asks where she's going. Callie: "I'm wearing a dress, I have on heels, I shaved my legs, I'm going to the prom." What I will never understand is why the stylists on this show feel the need to dress Callie in some of the most unflattering outfits I've ever seen put on a body, when she is clearly this gorgeous specimen of woman and deserving of so much more. Keckler has a theory that they're doing this because Callie's going to turn out to be a nutbag, but I think it's just as simple as the fact that they don't know how to dress a person with thighs bigger around than a number two pencil. Meredith. Anyway, her dress is awful, but she still looks pretty hot. She's also upset with George because she told him she loved him, and has never said that to a guy before, ever, and now she's just this idiot who says "I love you" and then gets avoided. George denies that he's avoiding her, but also tells her he's not going to say it back. Callie is humiliated, and George has to fight her to keep her in the room. "If I say it back right now, you know I'm just saying it because you said it to me. When I say I love you, I wanna mean it. You just have to give me some time to mean it." Aw! Bad hair and all, George is still my guy. Callie says she hates that she's so into him, and George kisses her passionately in response. Make-out session at the prom! Awesome.

Mere and McVet slow-dance and have a little state-of-the-relationship talk. McVet tells her that when his wife died, he didn't want to plan anything in advance because her death was so sudden; he just concentrated on living day-to-day. But now that he's met Meredith..."damn, I have all kinds of plans." He tells her not to freak out, to which she replies that she's not. "You have plans." McVet: "I have plans." Too bad those plans are about to be ruined by that dastardly McDreamy, who is dancing with Addie across the room and shooting Woo-Woo Eyes over their way. He looks at her with such intensity that I'm thinking Mere needs to check the limit on her V-card. The music swells; certain other parts of hot neurosurgeons do as well. Mere gets the message, and says she's feeling a little claustrophobic and needs some air. McDreamy lies that he needs to go check on a patient.

Mere runs down the hall into an empty room; McDreamy follows. Mere tells him to leave her alone, but of course he doesn't. He "just wants to make sure [she's] all right." Mere says no, she's NOT all right, because he has a wife, and he called her a whore, and their dog died, and now he's looking at her. "Stop looking at me. You are looking at me. And you watch me. And Finn? HAS PLANS!" She says she likes Finn, and she's really trying to be happy, but she can't breathe, not with him looking at her like that, so just stop! McDreamy: "Do you think I want to look at you? That I wouldn't rather be looking at my WIFE? She doesn't drive me crazy. She doesn't make it impossible for me to feel normal. She doesn't make me sick to my stomach thinking about my veterinarian touching her with his hands!" I'm thinking maybe he needs a little help for that one. Perhaps some Pepto-Bismol? McDreamy says he would give anything not to be looking at her. So, you know...then they kiss. And I want to hate them. I do! Alas, I cannot. Because Patrick Dempsey is really, really pretty.

Oh, y'all. Izzie runs down the stairs of the hospital, and she looks...amazing. Extraordinary. Incredible. That's right, I've turned into Tom Cruise. If I could only figure out a way to impregnate her from afar. Alex is going up the stairs at the same time, and comments on her great beauty. She thanks him and asks if he has a hot date. "Nah, this thing is cheesy, I wouldn't waste a chick on this." Heh. Izzie says she'll be in soon; she just wants to check on Denny first. A slow, sad song starts up, just so we can all prepare for what's coming.

Denny smiles to himself in his room. He's happy, for the first time in a long time. Not as happy as Mere and McDreamy, who are busily...uh, getting busy -- complete with slo-mo licking and panty removal. I'm not kidding. Someone pass the Pepto-Bismol.

Denny reads a magazine in his room, a slight smile on his face. He looks up from the page, as if in surprise, and his smile turns to a grimace. As he leans his head back onto the pillow, his monitor flatlines over the music. No one comes.

We fade to Izzie getting into the elevator, radiant in her pretty pink dress. She's so beautiful it's indescribable. It must be the boobs. Oh, I'm just kidding. The song tells us that nothing comes easy -- ain't that the truth -- as we go to commercial.

Mere gets frantically dressed while McDreamy asks her over and over what this means. Mere is more worried about her finding her panties and him fixing his tie to answer. Callie opens the door and immediately knows what's up. "The nurse told me to come find you. You have to come now, it's Izzie." Mere starts to walk out of the room, but Callie stops her. "Wait," she says, and helps Meredith fix her dress. "Okay, go." Callie then looks back at McDreamy with a look of such fantastic revulsion that I stand up and salute. Having no response to this outstanding display, McDreamy busies himself with his tie. Maybe just a little tighter, jackass.

Webber's alone in one of the OR observation rooms, which is where Bailey finds him. He tells her that he's spent nearly his whole life in this hospital, and is obviously trying to make some statement about...I don't know, who cares. Bailey sits down next to him and says, "Sir. Denny Duquette died at 7:42 this evening." Hello, lachrymal glands, my old friends.

The Gang plus Callie finds Nurse Olivia of the Syph outside Denny's room. She tells them that Izzie is in there, with him. They walk int

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