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An episode is really filled with promise when the opening voiceover is all about dealing with loss. I mean, it virtually ensures an hour-long laugh riot, right there. I gear myself up as Mere tells us that the body is designed for loss, but sometimes it's just too much and the body can't compensate, and that is when surgeons step in. She's dealing with her own loss by folding Zola's clothes but when Derek sees her and suggests taking down the crib, she quickly assures him that she's just sorting out the clothes that Zola has grown out of. She clearly is trying to make the best of things and stay positive while Derek chooses to sulk. He's certain that it's been too long but Mere reminds him that the process was supposed to take a while. She tells him to fold clothes, promising that it somehow helps, but almost as soon as he picks up a piece he throws it down and storms out.

Things are far happier over at the fire house, where Cristina is rocking out to loud music while she cooks breakfast. Owen comes out to see what the party is for and she explains that Teddy told her that the best cardio surgeons have two dominant hands, so she's cooking breakfast entirely left-handed. She doesn't notice that Owen spits out a big piece of eggshell, and he distracts her from the food by pulling her down to the floor for some one-handed sexy time.

As Mere goes downstairs she runs into Lexie and her kind of distracting bangs, rolling a suitcase down the hall. She's off to visit her sister Molly, which was a surprise that Jackson arranged for her. It all sounds super cute and loving until we come to find out that Jackson's mom is coming to town, and so basically he's sending Lexie away to avoid a meeting between the two. Lexie's understandably touchy about it and frets that maybe she shouldn't go but Meredith is surprisingly cool and points out that while Lexie had a real mom, she and Jackson had, "surgeons who procreated." She finds it strangely sweet that Jackson is doing this and advises Lexie to get out while she can. I am seriously wondering at this point what Chyler Leigh has going on in her life because Lexie has been virtually nonexistent so far this season; the magical interwebs tell me that I'm not hallucinating but that she apparently asked for an extended hiatus to spend time with her family but that she will be back to regular screen time sooner than later.

Bailey is staring at the board when Ben walks up to her and points out what she is staring at: they are working together later that day. She assures him it's not an issue and he's glad, and goes on to explain that he'd been bringing lattes to a guy named Pierre in scheduling to keep him away from Bailey since she told him she was being held together with tape and glue. Now that he knows she's dating a nurse, he's no longer interested in being the coffee delivery boy. He's not hiding the fact that he obviously wasn't expecting her to find solace in the arms of another man once she didn't need so much tape and glue anymore. As he walks away, she can't help but stare rather wistfully at his rather stare-worthy backside. It seems my theory from last week is totally wrong, and we are to pretend that he was around the hospital this whole time, even though it feels like he went off the map for a while.

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