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Bailey is waiting outside for Eli and looks like she's trying very hard not to vomit as she starts to walk towards the car with him. After a moment she stops and finally tells him that she can't do this. For once, his expression is serious and he doesn't have some snappy comeback to shut her down. She tells him that she wants to make sure she's clear, but he cuts her off to supply that she's not sure what they two of them have but whatever it is, it is ending. She's confused that he seems to know what she was going to say but he tells her that she's been nothing but clear from the beginning that she didn't want a relationship, but he was ignoring that because she is different than any woman he's known before. She's not entirely paying attention now, instead thinking about the implications of his telling her that she's always totally clear. Eli admits that he should have walked away, and reiterates once more that a lack of clarity has never been one of Bailey's issues. She's sad that her playtime is ending, and tells Eli sincerely that she's sorry. He's actually more likable now than ever, since he's actually listening to her and respecting what she says. He hands her the bottle of wine he had been holding and tells her to enjoy the party, then walks away without looking back.

Outside the OR, Catherine manages to swallow her pride and admit that she was wrong and Mark and Jackson made an impressive save. Mark's his cocky self in accepting the praise but then tells her that Jackson is a good kid, and she should let him find his own way and he'll do well. She thanks him, and he starts to walk away but then turns and adds that she shouldn't count out Lexie Grey because she is smart, beautiful, and perfect. She's Mary Poppins: practically perfect in every way. He adds that a guy couldn't do any better, and while Catherine doesn't say anything she clearly makes a big mental note about his praise.

Bailey has taken a seat again outside and waits there until Ben walks out the door. He acknowledges her but starts to walk away, so she stands and calls after him somewhat timidly that she wants to tell him something before he hears it through the incredibly effective hospital grapevine. She informs him that she broke up with Eli, and knows that Ben will think this has to do with him, but she wants to be extremely clear that it has nothing to do with him at all. Unfortunately, awkwardly making a point of informing someone that something has nothing to do with them really is only a giant, loud, bright, clear, unequivocal declaration that it in fact has everything to do with them. Ben certainly knows this, and he doesn't make a lot of effort to control his grin. She keeps insisting that it's not to do with him and keeps asking if she is clear, and finally he just murmurs a little agreement. But she knows he doesn't really mean it, and as he walks away she keeps yelling after him, almost begging him to believe her. He just grins and waves as he wishes her goodnight and goes on his way.

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