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Meddling Mama

The Averys and April have gone to Joe's to celebrate their successful surgery, but April can't stop apologizing for shredding up the vein. Catherine repeats that she has to learn how to relax, adding that she's now making a good day feel bad. Chad has wandered over to the bar as well, and he walks up to the table and thanks April for the drink. She's flustered and utterly confused, but Catherine very pointedly says that he's talking about the drink she sent to him; it takes April a few beats to realize what Catherine did and Chad surely must know this is a setup. Catherine tells April with a grin that this is the moment where she gets up and plays darts with the guy; April takes a giant gulp of her drink for some Dutch courage and then gets up and walks over there while Jackson watches, embarrassed but amused. He asks her why she has to be such a meddler but she happily clinks his glass and insists she is using her powers for good this time.

Some of the guests are gathered at Teddy and Henry's apartment, and Owen gives them Cristina's regrets. Henry jokes that with this many doctors, having only three of them stood up is not bad. The count is actually down to two no-shows when Arizona arrives. Henry goes over and sits down next to Bailey on the couch, who tells him that Eli is stuck at the hospital, and then she proceeds to pour about half of the bottle of wine Eli gave her into her glass. I like the way she thinks.

Despite her bravado in the OR, Arizona is totally disconcerted by what Alex said to her and she pulls Callie aside and asks to talk. Without pausing for breath she tells Callie that she wants a paper that says that Sofia is hers, which is something they've said they are going to do but have not yet done. Callie is kind of wigged out by Arizona's mania, and tells her calmly, "Let's do it." Arizona is so worked up she doesn't really register that Callie just completely agreed with her and she goes on to say that she is hers as well as Callie's and Mark's, and that Sofia calls her "Mama" and Arizona is the only one who can get her back to sleep at night. Callie assures her gently that she knows all of this, and promises her that they will get that piece of paper right away.

Back at the bar, Catherine stirs her martini and asks Jackson to tell her about plastics. He moans and tells her he's too tired to try and justify his life choices, but she insists she just was trying to get him to share his interests with his mom. She points out that he could also tell her about the girl he sent away, so I guess that means she realizes that it was Jackson's doing and not Lexie's choice to avoid this meeting. Jackson asks if she can blame him, pointing out her treatment of Mark, but she retorts that Mark can take it. Jackson tries to put the subject to bed by telling her that he really likes Lexie a lot, but Catherine tells him -- to his dismay -- that she's going to meddle one more time. She then warns him that, if he really likes Lexie, he needs to watch out for Mark because Mark talks about Lexie the way Jackson should be talking about her. Jackson insists that whatever Lexie and Mark had is over, but Catherine just twirls the olives in her drink with an eyebrow raised and asks Jackson if he's in love with her. Jackson shuts her down and she laughs, thinking that she finally had gotten him to open up a little bit. Her advice is good, though, and she hit the nail on the head that Jackson should be the one telling his mom everything Mark actually said about Lexie. Although y'all know my feelings about Mark and Lexie, so I'm actually kind of happy that we might have some kind of triangle. Jackson, honey, if she ever leaves you, you can just take your shirt off and come over here. I'll comfort you.

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