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Meddling Mama

Meredith and Derek are back to their standard awkward position of late: both are lying on the bed, on top of the covers, fully clothed, not touching each other. The phone rings; it's Cristina calling so that they can wish Zola goodnight. After they each take the phone for a moment, Derek settles it between them and they lean in and sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" while Cristina holds the phone up to Zola, who is in her arms. Mere VO's that some people say that the inability to accept loss is a form of insanity, which could be true, but sometimes it's the only way to stay alive. Once they hang up the phone, Derek and Meredith go back to their awkward, tense co-existence, with Derek staring at the ceiling and pointedly not touching his wife. I guess Mere is saying that this might be a form of insanity, but I think it's his way of being able to maintain that all of this is her fault and he had absolutely nothing to do with it and is merely a tragic victim.

Lauren S is a writer and gal-about-town who lives and works in Atlanta and would love to gossip with Debbie Allen over martinis. She wants everyone to know: "The views expressed in my recaps and anything else I might write on TWoP are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer."

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