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Meddling Mama

Mmmm, squelching raw chicken. This reminds me why I don't like to cook chicken myself. Catherine, though, loves watching the last few competitors work and as she walks past Mere, she compliments her and asks her name. Upon hearing that it is Grey she excitedly asks if this is Lexie and Mere corrects her but come on, if some world-renowned surgeon was at Seattle Grace (which is somewhere they all seem to go all the time) and heard that name, the first thing they'd wonder is if said surgeon was related to Ellis. Alex's pager goes off and he moans since he's kicking ass in the chicken challenge, but it's at such an angle that he can read it and once he does, it only takes him a second to decide to excuse himself and run out. Mark excitedly points out that he forfeits which means that the two winners are Mere and... Jackson. Cristina thinks this is unfair since it's her son but Catherine dryly replies that she doesn't play favorites. "Nepotism is for the weak." Jackson, who is so uncomfortable he is about to claw his way out of his own skin, jokes that that is what his birthday cards always say, but it comes off more twitchy and crazy than funny, and he seems to realize it and shuts up.

Alex and Arizona sprint down the hall toward whatever emergency paged Alex, and both are panicked about what might have happened and if anyone else knows. They have good reason to be freaked out because they open the door and see Janet there with Zola, who has had a seizure.

Ryan's brother Chad has traveled with him to Seattle, and while he means well, he's doing a better job of embarrassing Ryan than standing naked in front of a lecture hall did. But he wants for his brother is to have some big business going on down there and finally Jackson tactfully tells them he thinks Ryan will be happy. Chad then also wants to make sure that it will "stand up" and do everything it's supposed to, and Catherine points out that this is why they are, in fact, doing a transplant. Mark throws out the less risky reconstruction option once again, but Ryan explains that he knew for months something was wrong before he saw a doctor and by the time he finally went, they said it was cancer that was too advanced and he'd have to lose his penis. He's tired of looking down and being reminded that he was a coward, and also thinks that if the medical world can learn from him and help someone else then he can at least feel good about what happened. I'm impressed that actually losing his most treasured organ seems to have matured Ryan into more of a man. Catherine gives Mark a pointed look and Mark seems to finally back down and accept the transplant idea as Catherine tells Ryan she'll see him in surgery.

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