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Case in point when it comes to the poor decision making in brining Zola to Seattle Grace: Alex is looking at her scans when Derek walks up to look at some of his own, and can't help but remark on what a nasty bowel obstruction Alex has up on the screen. He asks if Alex is on his own with the case and Alex quickly tells him that Arizona is helping, then snatches the film down and flees. He can't help but hesitate for one second before leaving the room, but ultimately he keeps his mouth shut.

Even though she was too tense to win the chicken-off, April gets to help Catherine harvest the penis -- a word she totally catches on like a teenager. April, you might be a virgin but you are a doctor. Come on. Catherine just tells April sincerely that she thought this would give them a chance to catch up. Then, awesomely, she announces that they are starting, "Like millions of angry wives dream of." The benefit for me this week is that since they are only dealing with surgery below the belt, they can't actually show anything on-screen. Sorry, special effects team! Catherine asks April how she is doing and April talks about how busy she is with fifth year and being Chief Resident. Catherine doesn't bother pretending to want to hear more about that stuff and just asks April when she is going to finally have sex. April is understandably taken aback but Catherine is unfazed and advises her that unless she has a good reason to wait, she should just do it because she's all wound up and that would relax her and make her a better surgeon. Well, if that's the case, I guess that's why this particular hospital is full of all of the top surgeons in their respective fields. Plenty of unwinding in between surgeries. April is mortified and can barely look down as Catherine starts to exclaim over the donor's "beautiful" dorsal vein, and finally she manages to ask if it's really that obvious. Catherine replies that April is looking at the organ like it's going to bite her. Honestly, she looks more like she's going to puke all over it.

Richard walks in to say hello as she is scrubbing out, and she gently admonishes him for letting Jackson go into plastics. Richard is totally unconcerned and points out that he seems happy, but Catherine isn't interested in happiness. "Greatness is his legacy." Richard, the now-wise elder of the show, just tells her she can't force people to do what they don't want to do. She agrees and brings up the example of one time when she threw herself at him at a medical conference until he told her he was married. I guess the Chief must really have been the McDreamy of his day to the mothers of his residents. Who knew? She asks if he is still married because she'd love to go to dinner, but he tells her that he is though his voice is tinged with sadness about his situation. Catherine jokes that there's always next time, because he knows she doesn't give up. He just wishes her a good surgery and leaves.

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