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Alex is pacing the hall when Cristina walks up in response to a page, griping about how he interrupted her. Her attitude changes right around, though, when Alex tells her that Zola is there with a bowel obstruction and they have to operate. He desperately wants confirmation from Cristina that it's the right thing to do to not tell Meredith and Derek, and she points out that he in fact just told her that it was. They both agree that it's best for the adoption though neither seems wholly convinced, and Alex repeats that this is Cristina's decision then. Cristina can't believe he called her down to take responsibility for his own decisions and mocks him, asking how small are his balls? Alex, usually never one to ignore the bait, actually just shoots back that Mere didn't talk to him for weeks for screwing up her life, so, "The balls are pretty small right now!" Fair enough. A nurse pops her head out of the door and yells at Alex that Zola is seizing again and that's all these two need to simultaneously change their minds. As they run into the room, Alex hollers that they are telling Meredith and Cristina absolutely concurs.

Ryan's OR is as packed as a hot club on a Saturday night because a ton of people were invited to watch the procedure from inside. April is furiously taking notes as they get started, and Mere is in charge of handling suction. Catherine finally makes a reference to Mere's lineage but it's really just to try and dig up some info about Lexie and Mere explains that they are half-sisters. Upon hearing that Lexie was not the fruit of Ellis' womb, Catherine cracks that Jackson picked the wrong Grey. Meredith politely defends Lexie while Jackson keeps warning his mom to stop, and Mark adds that Lexie is a great surgeon and a great girl. Cristina comes in and forces her way to the front of the throng of observers and tells them that she has to speak to Meredith, but Catherine tries to brush her away. Cristina is persistent, and finally she gets Mere to look at her, at which point they have a psychic best friend moment and Meredith apologizes to Catherine that she has to go. Catherine rightly points out that Ellis is rolling over in her grave for Mere passing up this chance, but Mere just leaves and Catherine winds up choosing April to scrub in as Meredith's replacement. Being Facebook friends certainly has its perks.

Both Bailey and Eli are examining Henry and running a bunch of tests to see if the islet cell device is doing its job. Henry asks if they can call him with the results and frets a little bit about overmarinating the fish for that night's dinner. As he talks, Bailey starts to look a little bit afraid while Eli starts to look confused and after Henry confirms that they both like fish, finally asks what is going on. As if Henry isn't even there, Bailey says politely that Henry and Teddy are having a dinner party to which they are both invited, but she admits rather shamefacedly that she forgot to tell Eli about it. He dryly points out that it's good that Henry was there to bring up the marinade. Now Henry is both worried about his fish and caught in the middle of an uncomfortable situation so he does what any of us would do: he starts to babble. They ignore him and Bailey asks Eli if he is free but also assures him that he doesn't have to go, to which Eli points out that this is the best invite he's ever gotten. Seriously, I'm not sure why he's actually agreeing to go at this point, but he does even though his ego has taken a little bit of a blow.

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