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April is falling over herself thanking Catherine for picking her while Catherine just tries to get her to calm down and be careful with her job. She also compliments her son on his technique and Mark chimes in about Jackson's natural ability and how he's born for plastics. Man, when Mark decides he's in, he's in -- I keep expecting him to turn on Jackson but he seems fully sold on his awesome Guntherness. Catherine, however, is not sold on plastics. She thinks that it's easy for someone to get hooked on all of the money they could make from boob jobs and tummy tucks. Mark thinks she's not being fair about the job while Jackson points out that she actually doesn't think he has the discipline to resist the easy money. It's quite an argument to have in front of an audience of your peers, too. They all start to argue but Catherine is still keeping an eye on Ryan's new package as well, and she keeps reminding April to be gentle. As the yelling picks up from the boys she starts to yell to but it's at April, since she has gotten Catherine's beautiful dorsal vein stuck in the suction, and it basically rips the thing apart to everyone's horror, especially April's.

Meredith and Derek are in an office with Alex and Arizona and as you can guess from his thoughtful and measured interactions with Meredith lately, Derek is being equally gracious now. Which is to say not at all. No one is happy -- Arizona is livid that Alex told Meredith and Derek what happened and Derek is livid because he considers Zola to be his patient. The fact that he can't see that no one would ever agree with him and he'd kill his adoption on the spot is just maddening. Owen comes in to try and referee, much to Arizona's relief. She rightly assumes that Owen will agree that there is no way they can see Zola, and Derek's mature response is to order Owen to butt out. Look, I'm not trying to diminish how horrible it would be for people to have their adoption in jeopardy, or how hard it would be if your wife screwed up your job. But I am so sick of Derek not only seeing things just one way, but seeing things only that one way that fits the moment that he's in and nothing else. He's become such a one-note asshole that I am now preconditioned to despise him; then I find that I've become just as bad, a one-note complainer! It just sucks to have a show you like with a character you've grown to actually hate.

Arizona assures them that Zola is being cared for by a team of nurses who are making sure she's well taken care of and not alone at any second. Derek yells that he should be the one to fix the shunt but Alex finally pipes up to remind them that Janet is hanging out and just waiting for something like that to happen. But Derek knows that Alex is also feeling guilty about the whole situation and eventually bullies him into admitting where Zola is, so Derek starts to run off with the whole gang of doctors trailing him. Meredith is ultimately the one who calms him down -- she explains that Zola is here now because the foster parents didn't know what to look for when she started having symptoms, and takes full responsibility for that. She begs him to understand that while she has to live with that, they now need to mind their p's and q's. She also reminds him that Arizona is a great surgeon, and so grudgingly Derek asks her what she will do. She explains how she'll fix the obstruction and if need be, will fix the shunt as well. Derek paces while he thinks.

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