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Surgeons don't compromise; they do what it takes and defy death all they can. So begins Meredith's voiceover this week as she (presumably on Lexie's behalf as well as her own), Derek, Callie (on behalf of Mark and Arizona) and Owen (representing Cristina) are sitting at a conference table facing a man in a suit, while a woman walks behind them and lists the deaths and devastating injuries from the crash. The man they are facing is the lawyer for the aeronautics company, and I presume he's better at lawyering than enunciating because I finally had to take to Google to learn that the company he is representing is called Bayview Aeronautics and not BlahBlah Aeronautics as I had finally taken to calling it in my notes. He starts to deliver some canned condolences but Mere and Derek interrupt him to find out the status of the crash investigation. He tells them that the investigation could take years, and his client wants to help them put the crash behind them. Their attorney -- the woman who listed all of the tragic outcomes earlier -- rightly points out that his client is probably the one who most wants to put this behind them. He doesn't take the bait but just calmly tells everyone that he is there to offer a one-time settlement which, when the paper with the figure is passed around, raises everyone's eyebrows. The catch is that the decision to accept has to be unanimous.

We never learn the exact amount, but whatever it is, it's enough to make Cristina sit up in bed and gasp. She's on the phone with Owen, who is in his own bed in Seattle, and he tells her that they need an answer in three days. He then asks her how she has been and she's more thoughtful and gentle than we've heard in... well, in I don't know how long. She tells him she'll call when she decides. (Kevin McKidd is directing the next episode, so he's not actually doing much this hour since he was presumably preparing for his directorial turn. The director of THIS episode was Debbie Allen, reminding us that she can actually do anything. I love her so very much.)

When I first saw Meredith and Derek cuddling in an unfamiliar bed without the spine tumor drawing on the wall above them, I assumed they were inexplicably at a fancy hotel and it was only later in the episode that I realized they are now living in their new house. They discuss whether or not to take the settlement but then decide to just go to sleep. Derek asks Meredith if she wants the lights on or off and she replies that she wants to leave them on. As the camera pulls back we see that this room has a lot of lights; she's still suffering even if she doesn't have the physical scars that the others do.

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