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Later, Callie and Arizona are again eating a meal from TV trays -- Callie on the sofa, and Arizona in her wheelchair still facing away from her wife. Callie remind her about the meeting the next evening and gently asks if she wants to go, but when Arizona finally musters up a response it's that Callie is going so she doesn't have to. Callie points out that she's going for Mark since he can't speak for himself, and since Arizona can speak for herself she should be there. Unfortunately she walks right into a trap when she says that it's not a decision she should be making for her. Arizona sneers that Callie wasn't shy about making other decisions for her and starts screaming at her to say it again. And yet again, I say to my living room that Arizona was unconscious, convulsing, and in fact crashing, so at that moment she couldn't speak for herself and in "death versus amputation," amputation seems the better choice. Callie gets up and throws her dishes in the sink while Arizona rolls after her, screaming about how it was easy for her to decide to hack off Arizona's leg. Unsurprisingly, this ruckus wakes Sofia and she starts crying. Callie finally yells that fine, she'll go and she's voting to take the money since she thinks that's what Mark would want. Arizona snidely replies that she thinks Mark would want her to go get her crying daughter, but he'll just have to learn to live with disappointment like the rest of them. Well no, he's dead, so he doesn't have to learn to live with anything. And to be honest, I think Mark would have given Arizona what for about her treatment of Callie long before this.

I will not even pretend to have any idea what it's like to lose a limb, but it's hard to watch Arizona handle it so gracelessly and to see her lash out at Callie when, as I've said now quite a few times, the options were 1) amputation or 2) DEATH. And she's got a daughter who already lost one parent, too. I want to take her by the shoulders and make her read about Aimee Copeland or Nick Ekbatani (go Bruins!), two recent amputees (and, in Aimee's case, she lost at least a piece of all four limbs) who are making the most of what life has dealt them and becoming even more awesome people in the process. Because while Arizona has always been stubborn to the point of not always handling tough situations very well, this is increasingly hard to watch.

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