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The next morning, Derek is sitting on his beautiful deck outside his beautiful house, looking at the beautiful view while the sound of a jet engine haunts his thoughts.

Shockingly, Cristina was legitimately impressed by Feeny's surgery since she tells Mere all about it on the phone. Mere's like yeah, yeah, cutting edge method APRIL AND JACKSON DID IT. Cristina is floored and Mere excitedly continues her gossip with April's revirginizing. Cristina scoffs and figures it's pointless since April will just hear Jackson's voice and then she won't be able to think straight. Aha, and there we have a bit of insight into what's going on with her and Owen and how she can't get enough of talking with him on the phone. It might also explain why she fled to Mayo as quick as she could -- to keep herself from reconciling with him.

Jackson's sexy voice is talking to Roxie as he removes her bandages for the first time. He warns her that there's still swelling and bruising but when Roxie sees herself she doesn't care -- she's over the moon that there is nothing left to squeeze. Frank walks in as she is looking at herself in the mirror and quickly looks away, but now that the squeezy bits are gone she's all for it and she turns to face him. She places his hand on her new stomach and then two of them can barely contain their excitement that their two-week countdown has begun. It's too much for April to see people be excited that they get to have sex, so she runs out of the room.

Princess Kate is going over all of the work she has done for Alex but he still manages to find something to snap at her about and she starts crying again, moaning about how this is the first time in her life she's failed at anything after being Superwoman in school. She calls herself a loser and cries that she failed at the appendectomy with Mere and now obviously has pissed Alex off too because he's giving her such crappy stuff to do blah blah blah self pitycakes. Honestly, I'd think this was completely fake crying trying to try to get sympathy if we hadn't already seen her sob in front of Owen. If there's one thing Alex doesn't handle well, it's a crying female, and he does soften up a wee bit as he tells her that she's getting scut because she's an intern and that's her job. But rather than leave it at that, he goes on to admit that Callie told him not to work with her because he's maybe, well, possibly, dated a couple of the other interns. Dude, she told you not to sleep with this one, not to not WORK with this one. Kate lists off six other names and tells him not to worry, she's got zero interest since he's already slept with all of her friends. This setup is about as subtle as a baseball bat to the face. She goes full Eeyore when Alex turns to leave but to her amazement and delight he barks at her that she can scrub in with him the next morning.

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