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When Callie comes out of Emery's room she runs into her mom and happily reports that Emery has promised to take it easy. However, her mom informs her that Emery is lying, she just had a new sailboat donated and she's going to go back out as soon as she is released from the hospital. Callie is angry and almost insulted when she hears this and tells her in no uncertain terms that Emery will lose her foot if she does that. Her mom knows this, so she asks Callie if she can make up an excuse to keep her in the hospital for a while. She pleads with Callie that if Emery has to stop sailing she'll hate her parents. Aaaaand there we have a very large problem with the world today as these two certainly aren't the first parents who only want to be their kids' friends. Callie has no time for this and bluntly tells Mrs. Emery's Mom that Emery is a teenager who named a boat "Pickle" and as she's still a kid, her parents need to act like parents. She tells Mrs. E.M. that Emery needs her to be the bad guy. Mrs. E.M. nods unconvincingly but Callie is off in her own world, thinking now about her own advice.

Derek, meanwhile, visits airline hanger where a worker tells him that he could get in a lot of trouble for what he's about to do; the guy then slides open the door to reveal all of the broken pieces of their plane. (I spent this whole scene fretting that someone was going to bust them and this poor guy was going to lose his job so I'll tell y'all now that that doesn't happen.) The pieces of the fuselage have been laid out to resemble the shape of the plane as it started while all of the various pieces -- shards of metal, seats, and other debris -- have been placed on a grid made out of tape so that they can be cataloged. It shows the utter devastation of their wreck and as he walks around, Derek is haunted by flashbacks to all of the horrors they went through. The man explains that the tail and the back of the cabin broke off and landed in one spot while other pieces were found a half mile away. Derek turns and asks what happens if they settle, but the guy can only shrug.

Back at the hospital, Jackson and April find themselves alone in the lounge and after a moment, he tells her he's not going to pretend It didn't happen. April understands because the more she tries to forget about It, the more she thinks about It. She won't look him in the eye so he finally walks up to her and in a big fake-out line from the week's commercials, asks if she wants to get married. She's horrified but he continues to make his point, which is that presumably the next person she sleeps with will be her husband but she doesn't seem ready yet to be a wife. She gives her head a tiny shake in agreement but now can't stop staring at him with a good amount of pure, animal lust in her eyes. Jackson is still trying to be responsible and tells her that they need to remember that It did happen and not let It happen again, "Unless we are... ready." She struggles to form words enough to tell him she can't be near him, but he agrees and they say they will stay away from each other for a little while. That lasts approximately three seconds before she lunges at him and they start making out and tearing at each other's clothes.

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