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Having decided that she needs to be the parent even if it means Arizona hates her, Callie goes home and announces that she's there to take Arizona to the meeting which starts in 20 minutes. Arizona's wheelchair is sitting empty in the living room and Callie is thoroughly confused and starts to look for her. (I hadn't noticed this in the first episode but there is a hospital bed now set up in their bedroom, which is just another sad reminder of the changes in their lives these days.) She finally finds Arizona sitting on the floor of the bathroom. Arizona mumbles that she didn't like the nurse, so she fired her and then thought she could make it to the bathroom herself but couldn't and fell. Callie asks worriedly if she is okay and Arizona snaps back, "Do I look okay? I'm sitting in a pool of my own urine." That's enough for Callie, who drops being nice and announces that she's putting Arizona in the shower. She grabs her wife and hauls her up off the floor but Arizona starts screaming at her to get out. Callie holds her ground and wrestles her into the shower while Arizona screams at the top of her lungs that Callie is the one who did this to her. As Callie wrestles her under the water Arizona screams like a banshee to let her go. Finally Callie loses it and screams back that she has nowhere else to go because this is her life now too. She completely breaks down in sobs, and finally Arizona stops and actually looks at her for what might be the first time since the amputation. It feels like a bit of a breakthrough, but we'll see if it holds.

Mr. Feeny finds Cristina sitting outside on a bench, alone in the cold, with tear tracks on her cheeks. Silently he hands over a handkerchief and after a moment she accepts it. It's then that he tells her that he was in a plane crash too, in Vietnam, and everyone except for him was killed. He says that he's never talked about it at the hospital, "You know..." and she does. He pulls out a pack of cigarettes and offers one to her, but when she says she doesn't smoke he tells her that he doesn't either, not anymore. He then announces, "These things can kill you!" Cristina is so confused, but so grateful for a friend and a moment of genuine levity that she laughs out loud. He puts them back in his pocket and muses that it seems like everything can kill you these days, and she gives him a smile that would make Dr. Parker jealous as she agrees and laughs at the sheer randomness of the conversation.

In Seattle, it's time for the meeting and Derek is the last one to arrive. As soon as he sits down Meredith starts to announce that they have all agreed on the settlement but Derek interrupts and says that they can't, that he went to the hanger and saw the plane. (And now my fears for that poor dude's job are renewed. I think Derek could have made his point without giving that up in front of the lawyers, but it's done now.) Derek's point is that if they settle, then whenever the investigation is over they can never do anything with the results. BlahBlah Aeronautics' attorney jumps in to say that the company will use the results but Derek cuts him off with a curt reply that seems to be about the company's self-preservation. Callie then interrupts him. Arizona is not there and Callie seems utterly drained and so ready to put this to rest as she reminds him that accidents happen and they know that very well themselves, given their profession and how they can make mistakes that cost lives. But Derek has a good point that if that happens there is extensive follow-up, including an M&M, so that they can make sure the same thing never happens again. Owen nods as Derek continues that they have to do something to try and make this right so it doesn't happen to anybody else. He's definitely passionate but the nice thing is that he's saying everything with the utmost respect for all of his fellow victims in the room and there's no nasty fighting -- it's nice to see them working together. Their attorney is less excited about this moving speech and she keeps trying to advise them but she's repeatedly interrupted and finally all four of them tell her simultaneously to shut up. Callie starts to cry again as she tells the woman that she has no real idea what they have been through. She then takes a moment to pull herself back together and tells her friends that Derek is right, they shouldn't take the money. Meredith voiceover-muses that when you follow your heart and don't settle, you feel like a weight has been lifted and find at least some momentary peace. With that, all four of them slide the paperwork back across the table to the very unhappy BlahBlah Aeronautics lawyer.

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