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Cristina goes back to her own hospital to meet with Parker and convince him that she is ready to be a team player after some time off as ordered. He asks her what she did and she excitingly reports that she rode the roller coaster at the Mall of America and then bought jeggings. Thank goodness he realizes right away that she's lying and just read the Wikipedia page about the Mall because she and I would have to have a serious talk about the state of our relationship if she really had purchased some of those elasticized nightmares. He's the only one surprised that she didn't really go on a shopping spree, but he finally allows her to get back to work. She's excited and starts to ask him about a procedure he's doing but Parker cuts her off to say she's going to work with Feeny for a while. She fights to keep her face calm while he tells her cheerfully -- but with just a whisper of an edge -- that he'll believe she's a team player when he sees it.

Callie and Alex head to the ambulance bay to meet a 16-year-old who was in a boating accident and Alex such a mess that he honestly has no clue why Princess Kate is following him around and she has to tell him she's his intern that day. He immediately starts to flirt a little while they wait for the ambulance and Callie's intern Smash starts to chuckle. Callie notes this and immediately warns Alex to stop sleeping with all of the interns. Alex shoots back that he slept with Callie but she brilliantly throws up her hands and announces, "And now I no longer sleep with men!" The ambulance arrives and cuts off their banter but seriously, Alex would have had no comeback to match the awesomeness of her face and delivery of that punchline.

Jackson and his intern NotCristina are visiting with their patient, Roxie, who is having excess skin removed after losing 100 pounds. Roxie's fiancée Frank is there -- he's totally adorable and proud of her and the two are completely smitten with each other. At the same time as the skin removal she's also having a hernia repaired and Jackson almost falls over when April walks in the room as the designated general surgeon for the job. They manage to keep things only marginally weird in front of the patient. When the time comes to take a look at the skin Roxie sends a protesting Frank out of the room and once he's gone she calls him a saint for staying with her for two years without having sex. She still gets self-conscious when they cuddle and he squeezes her midsection. Roxie is looking forward to truly feeling pretty but she's looking even more forward to finally doing the deed and she asks them how long she'll has to wait after the surgery before they can go for it. Jackson tells her she'll have to give the site two weeks to heal, but then are good to go, and Roxie grins and giggles that she just got butterflies. Naturally, Jackson and April exchange a super awkward glance at the idea of people looking forward to sleeping with each other.

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