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Callie and Alex's patient is named Emery, and her boat, Pickle, capsized while she was trying a solo sail from Mexico to Alaska when the mast broke and crushed her leg. I am all for giving silly and cute names to things but... she shouldn't have even been allowed out on the boat until she could have given it a name not meant for a puppy. The takeaway is that she might be an amazing sailor but she's still immature. When the interns pull the covering back they both gasp in horror -- no one has taught them the art of the poker face yet. Emery starts to panic but when Smash reports that her parents are on their way she is still able to cop an attitude and snark that she's doing this sail alone so they don't have to wait for her parents now. Callie warns her that she might not be able to save the foot and that's when Emery catches a glance and sees that her ankle is basically a puddle of goo. She starts to scream while, amid the chaos, the Duchess yelps because she notices that against all odds, Emery's toes are wiggling.

Kate is beside herself with excitement that Callie might be able to save the foot and they talk details as the foursome wheels a now-sedated Emery to the elevator. Smash reports that her parents will be in late that night and as a reward for that info she offers for him to scrub in. It's a big contrast and slap in the face Alex gives Kate by not even letting her on the elevator and ordering her to go monitor his other patients instead. When the elevator closes Callie lightly chides him for raining on Kate's parade and comments that she likes someone who still finds joy and excitement in things. I give that joy and excitement a year, max. Probably more like six months given Seattle's history. Poor Smash is standing in the corner and starts to squirm a little when he has to listen to Callie ribbing Alex for being a disgusting manwhore.

Cristina is in with her patient when the man's whole family files into the room in one happy, noisy bunch, one of them carrying a "tater tot hotdish." A quick Google has taught me that this is a Midwestern variety of casserole, and I am intrigued as I am a fan of both casseroles AND tater tots. Cristina is not as intrigued as I am; she rains on their parade by telling them that "Pop Pop" can't have any hotdish since he's got an enlarged heart and is about to have surgery. One of the youngest family members pleads that this is his last meal but Cristina points out -- in a very upbeat way, for her -- that this is not a "last meal" as they are not planning to kill him today. Feeny then calls for her to join him in the hall, and when a couple of what I assume are Pop Pop's daughters see him they squeal "Hi Dr. [Feeny]!" with delight. Cristina is so far out of her depth here with these nice, warm Midwestern folks.

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