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Cristina tries to sneak past Dr. Parker in the hall but he catches her and when she tries to tell him how well she's doing he boasts that he can read faces and hers says... well, a blind man could see that she's struggling but Cristina finally just answers that she came to Mayo to do cutting edge cardiothoracic surgery with Parker and not to do piddly stuff with Feeny. I thought Parker was genuinely fond of Feeny so I don't know if I'm wrong or if he's weirdly trying to get on Cristina's good side when he tells her that everyone has to chip in and "baby-sit the old man" sometimes. He tempts her with the promise of an upcoming fancy surgery and she excitedly asks him if he's serious to which he responds, "As a heart attack!" He's shocked she doesn't dissolve into giggles at this cardio humor and finally asks her to give him just one smile. He wants to see, "The great Dr. Yang turn her frown upside down!" She wants that surgery so badly that she manages to eventually force her face into a half-smile and Parker uses the opportunity to tell her it's a nice one. Oh no... Show, you are not putting these two together... PLEASE tell me I am reading this wrong. Please??

Richard finds Bailey looking at the board, grumbling about April landing a hernia surgery her first day back. Richard is not as interested as Bailey wants him to be and as she starts to rant, he blandly asks if she's going to pull April from the surgery. Bailey tells him not to be silly; she'll get a babysitter instead.

I miss Cristina and Mere being in the same room. It's Facetime time again, and they talk about April being back; when Cristina mentions that she heard it from Owen, Meredith is surprised and interested to hear that they are talking but asks questions very nonchalantly so as not to scare Cristina off of the subject. My guess is that Mere's disgust in Owen is quickly paling in the light of her desire to have her best friend home again. Cristina brushes it off, saying they were just discussing the settlement. As they talk and the others periodically pop by and say hello, Bailey starts angrily slapping up post-its that lay down rules about things cleaning up and respecting that the lounge a public space. Avery picks up his bag from the table and as he does, collides with April and her fresh cup of coffee which then spills all over her. He's immediately apologetic but then catches himself and tells her that they can just pretend this never happened. At that point, Bailey sticks a post-it over Cristina's face that deems Mere April's Surgery Babysitter. Once everyone is gone Mere asks Cristina about the settlement and Cristina again says that she'll go along with what everyone else decides. She gives a cheesy grin and a thumbs-up as she adds that she's a team player now, and Mere laughs at her delivery as well as the very idea.

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