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After Emery's surgery, Callie tells her and her parents that it looks like the foot has been saved, and while it's a tough road ahead to recovery she thinks Emery can handle it. Her parents agree, but Emery herself has been ignoring them while she works on her laptop. She shows them a picture of a sailboat and announces happily that someone wants to donate it to her so she can continue her solo quest. Her dad starts to suggest she wait but she interrupts him to say that if she gets back on the boat within two weeks she'll still have good weather to finish her trek. Callie interjects that she could just amputate the foot and Emery could be out there in under a week instead. When Callie explains that Emery will have to be off the foot for months, the girl pauses a moment before jutting out her jaw and telling Callie to go ahead and do it. Unfortunately for her it's obvious that half of her reason for wanting that is to spite Callie since she won't give Emery the answers she wants. Callie savors pointing out that her parents actually have to give consent but when they hesitate Emery orders them to sign and finally her mom does just that. I'm not sure this girl has ever heard "no" in her entire life.

Out in the hallway, Kate brings Callie a coffee and then really awkwardly attempt to flirt with her. Callie mercifully cuts her off and after taking a moment to wallow in her current horny state she asks Kate what she really wants. When Kate admits she wants to scrub in on her next surgery Callie imparts some wisdom: don't trade sex for scrubbing in, save it for when you will actually be the one to perform the surgery. She then points out that Kate should be sucking up to Alex, not her. Conveniently, he walks up at that moment and is happy to hear that she brought him coffee. He sucks it down in essentially one gulp but when Kate asks him about scrubbing in, he declines while asking her to get him another cup of joe instead. She's dejected but Callie just nudges her to run and go get that second cup.

Mere finds herself in the middle of a frustratingly vague squabble between Avery and April while she babysits the surgery. They keep arguing about pretending things didn't happen and April is pissed off since this actually means a lot to her. Mere keeps asking what is going on but finally figures it out for herself and she breathes, "Oh. My. God," while they both look embarrassed.

There is no way to write this next sentence without sounding dirty. I tried. Ready? Derek is sitting at a table, rolling his balls in his hand. Look, I warned you. Fortunately for all of us (especially the ABC censors) they are two rubber physical therapy balls he's using to do exercises. It's way too on the nose when a melancholy song starts up and the singer warbles, "What could you do with these hands my love?" Derek seems to have an idea, though, and jumps up from the table.

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