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He finds Richard in one of the scrub rooms and asks him about a lawsuit the hospital had a few years previously (from before our gang's time there). Whatever happened, it was the hospital's fault and the settlement that they paid out was massive. He tells Derek that is standard -- the bigger the mistake, the bigger the payout. He knows just where Derek is going with this and asks if they are being offered a big settlement. Derek says pointedly that they are, and then he leaves.

Owen is stitching up a girl's arm while talking to Cristina via his Bluetooth. The girl is awake, doing what I do when people are sticking me with needles, which is to look the other way. But I am not sure I'd just be sitting there waiting to have a wound closed while my doctor was on the phone, even if he is mostly just listening. If talking on the phone is distracting while driving a car, what of it when someone is literally stitching a piece of you back together? In fairness, though, he really is saying almost nothing. Cristina tells him to go to the meeting on her behalf and that she will go along with whatever they all decide to do. After that, they both sit there, silent, but neither wanting to hang up. Cristina grabs at a new subject and tells him about a woman with a crazy nasal voice, and then tells him if they wait a second he can hear it. She sits, looking hopeful but a little bit sad, while he allows himself a slight smile that he's having a friendly conversation with his wife and she's not trying to end it.

After Roxie's surgery, April finishes scrubbing out first and flees, leaving Meredith and Jackson a chance to talk. First, though, Meredith hits him repeatedly in the head with a towel to reprimand him for defiling a virgin. He argues right back that he did nothing of the sort, they were both grown adults and she gave him her virginity; he didn't take it. He asserts that it's something they did together but now she can't handle it so she's praying and he's mad about it all, so Mere needs to stop hitting him. Mere does and then smiles as she muses that she missed a whole lot with that plane crash -- now Alex is a "diseased manwhore" again and April is no longer a virgin. Jackson thinks about this and adds another juicy tidbit: the Chief banged his mom. Mere can't speak, she is so horrified, and she finally manages to squeak, "Owen?" Before she can finish his name Jackson, equally aghast quickly corrects that it was Richard that did the banging. Once the relief sets in, she allows herself the moment of shock from the actual news. She ponders it and then says, "Well, if it makes you feel any better he banged my mom too." There was not much to be happy about this hour but that line made me burst out laughing on my sofa -- just the good-natured way she threw it out there and the look nausea that washed over his face as he countered it actually makes him feel worse.

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