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As Callie and Alex operate and Smash observes, Callie looks up at the gallery and sees a pissed-off Princess at the window. She suggests Alex let her join them but instead he yells at her to go check on his patients again. After she leaves Callie demands to know what's got his panties in a wad. Alex gripes that he's got a ton of patients and the new attending is an idiot, so he needs help covering everything. Cruelly, he then adds that until her wife comes back he needs his interns to actually work. Smash's main job this week is to just look supremely uncomfortable at the astounding range of disgusting things coming out of Alex's mouth this week as he argues with Callie.

When Callie says in an overly steady voice that her wife is disabled I thought for sure she was gearing up to rip Alex a new one that would make Arizona's rants at him feel like she had been lulling him to sleep with soothing lullabies. But Callie is actually in a meeting with Mere, Derek and Owen to discuss the settlement. She thinks that the money could take care of Arizona and Sofia, calling it a "life-changing amount." She won't go so far as to say yes, she wants to take it, but she's basically there. Owen tells them he's talking to Cristina and thinks she would want to take it. I think it would have been more accurate to just repeat that she will agree to whatever, but it's kind of moot because Mere half-heartedly agrees that she'd probably take it too, so they have three of the four votes in favor. When Callie asks Derek what he wants, though, he's still thinking about it and wants to take his time before the meeting the next day.

Back at Mayo, as they operate Feeny announces to Cristina that though he's old, he knows how Google works and he looked her up and learned that she was in a plane crash. Again, I ask -- how could this have been something that didn't get around the hospital before she arrived? It rings about as true as the Boise Chief only calling Owen's phone all day when the doctors never showed up. Regardless, it's good for Cristina because she really doesn't want to talk about it, especially with Feeny. She tells him she'd rather focus on the medicine and so he goes along with that and points out some fancy stitch he's doing on Pop Pop's heart. Cristina marvels at his technique, and Feeny tells her that he's the only one who can do it because he dedicated his life to learning the method and didn't bother with silly distractions like family. I can't tell if her awe is sincere but I think it is supposed to be because she seems embarrassed that she doesn't have a signature move when he asks her. He tells her that life is short so she'd better get on it, and I wonder if this is going to point her focus back to her work and away from Owen, Mere and Seattle. As he wraps up the job he takes the chance to remind her that "Po Po" now has an actual chance at life rather than dying while hooked up to an LVAD, waiting for a transplant.

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