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It's been a while since our main doctors have been interns; for them the hospital means broken hearts and too many tragic accidents to count. So we have the current crop of interns to remind us that when you are starting out, the hospital is a magical place. So magical, in fact, that the chaos is seen in romantic slow motion. Well, at least it is for these guys. And what is more romantic than a pair of Converse covered in blood, I ask you?

Mere and Cristina are watching the interns in the locker room like two bitter old crones; Mere can't believe how fresh and shiny they all look compared to the weathered, hardened faces of her contemporaries while Cristina just calls them pathetic. The interns realize that they are staring and so force themselves to keep smiling and act normal until the two elder stateswomen go away. But Mere and Cristina are savvier than they are and just sneak up on them from another direction to tell them that rounds are in four minutes. Once they are really gone, the interns all relax and banter about their assignments for the day. Leah and Stephanie are with Cristina and Stephanie can't help needle Leah about how much Cristina loves her already. Leah would rather swap with Jo, since she's working with Alex and Leah is apparently still obsessed with him, but Jo is a good enough friend to not let her do that. Smash is excited to be doing outpatient surgery with April but the others all start to bash her and call her "The Dud." Smash, proving his unending awesomeness, continues to stick up for her since she's the only attending who is actually nice to them. Heather is in the pit with Meredusa and though she offers to trade, no one takes her up on it.

Stephanie decides to give Leah a sporting chance and allows her to present their first patient, a 3-month old baby named Samantha. Sam's mom Laura is by her bedside and then a man named Noah runs up, worried he missed something. There's some embarrassed stuttering when Stephanie assumes he is the father and eventually they manage to clarify that he is the father of another infant patient, Reece, and that both he and Laura are "doing this alone." Sam has been on the list for a heart transplant for nearly all of her short life. Reece is also on the transplant list, behind Sam, and he's currently recovering from getting a shunt put in. Cristina tells him that Reece can possibly go home the next week since he can safely wait there for a heart, and while Noah is stoked he's also visibly terrified at the idea of not being around doctors and nurses 24/7. Laura is thrilled for him, though, and assures him that he can do it. So, these two are falling in love at some point. When the docs walk away, Leah offers to get Cristina a copy of an article she just read on shunts -- it's brown-nosing at its most obvious but Cristina uses it to light a fire under Stephanie. Leah's dwarf name was going to be Droopy, but now she's going to be Perky or, to Steph's horror, Doc. I get the impression that she's still so green that she doesn't know Cristina is making a point of pushing her buttons to get her to work harder.

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