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Cristina examines Mrs. Crossley, who has been put on a gurney tilted so that her feet are above her head. She had gone home, had a coughing spasm, and when she passed out and slipped her husband grabbed her ankles somehow by accident and she regained consciousness. I can think of very few ways this could have played out but I'm going with it and assume it wasn't during some freaky sex game. It turns out there's something wrong with her pacemaker, so Cristina will have to go back in to make the fix so that the poor woman can go back to living upright and her husband can go back to being eye level with her head instead of her feet.

Callie and Jackson then call all of the interns into the skills lab and announce that they are conducting a contest to scrub into the coolest of surgeries: Derek's nerve graft. She tells them that they will all examine the patient and then whoever makes it through that round will go on to a skills test. Both of them don't actually trust any of these interns yet, so they have a lot to prove. Princess is up first and manages to make the patient flinch. Out. Stephanie tries to act cool and asks Callie which fancypants surgical approach she took the first time, to which Callie points out that she should be able to tell from the scars. Out. Smash then comes up and the first thing he does is grin and nervously introduce himself. Derek chuckles since they have in fact already met, and then Smash starts the examination, and asks him if he's having any pain. He is, and it's getting worse. Smash then goes romantic slo-mo while he has a think, and finally does just like April taught him -- he says that he knows this must be scary, but the doctors are super talented and will take great care of him. Callie beams and ends the contest right then and there, declaring that they have a winner as Smash was the only doctor who treated the patient like a patient. She then yells at all of the other exhausted interns to scram.

Once in the hall, Stephanie and Leah both realize it's time to prep Mrs. Crossley and take off in a sprint to her room since both of them want to scrub in and think the one who preps her will get the right. They go so far as to shove each other into things and people as they race, and Leah manages to get an edge and zip into the elevator first. Once both are in the room they continue sniping at each other as they rush through their work, and their patient is getting understandably alarmed. But while she keeps trying to break into their argument, they fully ignore her as they fight and Leah declares triumphantly that she just got the IV hooked up, so there. Stephanie takes a look and then freaks out, yelling at Leah to pull it out. She somehow hooked up the oxygen to the IV, which could cause an air embolism that could kill the woman. Mrs. Crossley yelps just as Cristina walks in, and she yells that the interns are trying to kill her.

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