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Stephanie finds Noah hanging out in the NICU even though Reece is in surgery and he explains that the surgical waiting room is where he found out his wife died, so he's not terribly fond of doing any more waiting in there. Stephanie is not a robot so she tells him very genuinely that she's sorry; it also explains more about how he and Laura came to be single NICU parents who then forged a special connection. Laura is playing solitaire on her phone and refuses to take her eyes off the screen. But when the phone rings and it's UNOS, both parents are suddenly staring at Stephanie with naked anticipation. As she talks, Noah tries to keep Lauren calm and talks about how both of their babies will be okay. He then takes her hand and starts to make a Big Declaration of Love: he can't imagine going through life without her. The mood is dampened a little when Stephanie gets off the phone, though, since she looks worried and won't answer any questions but instead runs off to find Cristina.

Cristina is still working on Reece's heart and since they have out the tiny paddles that look like the cocktail-stirring spoon I have at home I'm going to guess that things aren't going well. Stephanie reports that they have an hour to claim the heart; Cristina replies that they want it and has Steph call them back and hold the phone to her ear while they shock Reece's tiny heart.

When she comes back to the NICU she's doing it in slo-mo though it's less romantic-seeming than it is slowing down time to put off having to deliver bad news. Noah and Laura grasp hands and ask if the heart is for Samantha but Stephanie just replies by asking Noah to speak privately. Neither of them seems to guess why this might be and Noah insists that Laura stay because he needs her. It's rather horrifically awkward, then, when Stephanie tells them clinically that Reece got worse and was moved to the top of the list so while there is a heart, it's going to him instead of Sam. Despite a moment ago wanting to stick together, Laura's eyes fill with tears and she drops Noah's hand as if it just reached in and ripped the heart out of Sam's chest himself.

Stephanie feels wretched after having to dash Laura's hopes and it's not helped when she runs into Leah who is massively gloating about how the transplant surgery is hers. Steph's kind of over it but Leah refuses to let go and taunts Stephanie, asking if she's worried that Cristina might like her better. Cristina walks up at that moment and after Stephanie reports that the heart is on the way, Cristina demands to know why she looks so horrible. Stephanie explains the conversation she just had with Noah and Laura and Cristina tries to reassure her that an equation decides who gets the heart, not the doctors. She then tells Stephanie to go ahead and scrub in on the transplant to cheer herself up. Stephanie is so shocked that she doesn't do a victory dance or even look anything but stunned, but Leah turns on her in a rage and mocks her sad mood like she did it as a calculated play to get the surgery.

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