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Kimmy and her mom have come to see the baby and Princess explains to them how the bypass works. Kimmy is worried, but it's not about the health of her newborn, per se -- she wants the baby better by the end of the week since her friend is throwing a party for her and she's supposed to bring her new accessory along. She's put out that she has to tell her friend that this might not work out, and Princess can barely hide her shock and disgust. This is the one case, too, where I find it perfectly acceptable to show your feelings because Kimmy and her mom really are gross. Kimmy is selfish and her mom is indulgent, and though Princess tries hard to have Kimmy come in and say hello, she's more worried about getting back to her room and calling her friend than she is about bonding with her offspring. Princess seems to be taking it almost as personally as Leah took Stephanie's depression.

Speaking of depressed, April wants to kill herself when she realizes they didn't get through all of their lumps and bumps and have to continue removing them the next day. Smash tries to cheer her up but she cuts him off and warns him that if he wants to avoid this, he needs to make sure he passes his Boards. She then stops herself and dismisses him; when he offers to help her the next day she thinks he's making fun and orders him to leave. Something in the water is seriously making everyone take everything personally today, even more so than the normal level of self-obsession that exists within these hospital walls.

Heather is gazing at both phones intently when Mere comes out and she excitedly comments on the pregnancy but Mere shuts her right down. She informs Heather that she is to act as if never heard anything and knows nothing and isn't to say anything to anybody. Heather doesn't want to be turned to stone so she readily agrees, though she does again try to offer congratulations before the subject is put to bed forever. Mere just gives her a glare and leaves. I see now why the interns settled on the nickname "Medusa."

Of course teeny-tiny heart transplant surgery gets the romantic slo-mo treatment. Leah is burning with jealousy in the gallery and only brought back to real time when Smash comments that he can't wait to do something like this. She's not awed like he is though, but instead is bitter that she's not the one down there. Owen comes and pauses in the doorway as Smash comments on Cristina's ridiculous awesomeness and Owen can't help but agree with him. The interns sit up straighter as soon as they see him and he gets a chuckle out of their fear.

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