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Alex and the Princess are in with the baby and she can't get over her disgust at Kimmy's skewed priorities. Alex points out that the girl is 15 but Princess thinks that is no excuse -- but this just makes Alex snap at her that not everyone lives in a perfect world like she does. She gets defensive again but doesn't give him any info that would change his assumptions and he reminds her that she had a perfect GPA at both Princeton and Harvard as if that means she must be a rich bitch. She finally just stares at him and for the first time, seems to be contemplating their exchange rather than just pouting with an injured air like she usually does. She begins to joke about how she grew up blowing her nose on hundred-dollar bills and how her birthday cakes were made out of caviar. He tells her to shut up but they both wind up kind of having a giggle about it as love begins to blossom.

Reece is out of his transplant surgery and Cristina reports to Noah that while they have to keep a close eye on him for 24 hours, so far he's doing amazing. She leaves Stephanie to monitor the baby, and Steph watches as Noah stares despondently Laura while she plays solitaire. He finally works up the courage to go and talk to her but she tells him dully that she has been waiting for a heart for months and she's not sure how much longer Sam can last -- she plays solitaire to keep from just watching Sam helplessly as she dies. Just so we all don't worry about dying babies this hour I feel I should report that Sam is stable. If I were in the position I'd be freaking out too but I just wanted all of my caring viewers to know that infant death is not imminent. Laura looks at Noah and admits that she wants to be happy for him but she can't be right now.

Sometime in the middle of the night, the interns all wind up talking and roaming the halls together. As the Princess freaks out about how a tiny baby's life is in her hands, Smash reminds them that in fact that is an awesome thing (and, also kind of the point of becoming a surgeon, I think -- again, what did they think would happen after all of those years of med school?) and that with the attendings asleep right now they are all in charge. He won't let them keep bitching about things because they should be happy that they are now real surgeons. His inspiration speech is interrupted by a yell and when they look up, they are horrified to see Mr. Crossley holding up his wife by her feet. They plead with him to put her down and she herself finally tells him to do it so that they can see what happens: he lays her down, and she passes out and her heart stops. Mr. Crossley doesn't listen to the interns who are yelping at him to leave her alone and instead just picks her back up so that she wakes up again. The interns can all only stare, so finally he yells at them to go find his wife a "real damn doctor." I guess he didn't hear Smash's speech a moment ago.

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