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When last we left Grey's Anatomy, George had horrifyingly told Izzie he loved her too, and Meredith and Derek got it on in the on-call room to punctuate their breakup.

The background for Meredith's opening VO is a beautiful shot of Seattle at night. "In the hospital, we see addiction every day." It's post-"I love you too" and George is exhilarated, babbling to Izzie about how amazing he feels, and how it's just like he's woken up. Mere's voice thankfully breaks in to the disgusting reverie to add, "It's shocking how many kinds of addiction exist." She and Derek are up in her room in bed, still "breaking up," it seems. Meredith pronounces it the best breakup ever; Derek asks why they didn't do this earlier. But the giddy afterglow is dimmed when he rolls over to go to sleep and Mere freaks. Even though it's 3 AM, she orders him home, maintaining that they're just having sex since it's the only part of a relationship that works. When he jokes about messing it up with dinner and sleepovers, she mock-pouts, "You're mocking my severe emotional limitations." It's getting a little old for her to keep admitting these problems, while not actually making any effort to overcome them. In a nice little bit of continuity, he points out that he can live without sleeping over because she snores. They laugh, and he adds that mockery is a deal-breaker. Mere declares, "Okay, sex and mockery it is." Mere VO adds, "It would be too easy if it was just drugs, and booze, and cigarettes."

Downstairs, George sort of explains his marriage, explaining that Callie said she loved him, and his dad loved her, so...he drops it before he can add that he decided to take control of his future and try acting like an adult. Instead, he just stammers to Izzie, "I shouldn't have gotten married."

Cristina is in what I still want to call Burke's, but is really her, apartment, sitting in the dark surrounded completely by gifts. VO: "I think the hardest part of kicking a habit is wanting to kick it. I mean, we get addicted for a reason, right?" Cristina grabs a gift and angrily rips some paper off. After a moment she tries it again, with even more gusto, and continues ripping wrapping off of the gifts within reach. She looks more miserable than angry, despite her best efforts to take it out on the paper.

Despite my most desperate wishes, the conversation between George and Izzie goes on and on as he babbles about how he thought his marriage was right, but it isn't. Izzie agrees with him. (Well, he did certainly pick the right audience for this little realization.) Mere's voice astutely adds, "Often, too often, things that start out as just a normal part of your life at some point cross the line. To obsessive. Compulsive. Out of control." Out of control describes the level of my revulsion at seeing Izzie lean in slowly to kiss George. Thankfully, he pulls away and says that he has to tell Callie. Izzie seems confused that he doesn't want to jump her excited bones, as he leaps up and exclaims, "I have to tell her the marriage is over. It's the right thing to do." He grabs his things and leaves, but a second later opens the door back up and excitedly asks, "Did you see how I walked out of here all determined?" Izzie says it made her proud, and he leaves again. Mere wraps up her intro to explain, "It's the high we're chasing. The high that makes everything else...fade away." Izzie whispers, "He loves me too." In her case, it's any small shred of sanity, dignity, and likeability that has faded away.

At the hospital, the Chief is gazing at the surgery board while Derek blearily drinks coffee from a travel mug. Derek tells him the board looks good and Richard replies that he didn't do it, since he's delegating -- doing it for his wife. Derek's response to this show of marital faith is to ask if she's talking to him yet. He replies, "She will when she sees I'm a delegator." He then says he should move one of the surgeries, and Derek chuckles and calls him a junkie. We're going especially literal on this week's theme, I see. As he leaves, Mark comes along carrying his own coffee. Or as I like to call it, "caffeinated nectar of life." What? I don't have a problem. I can walk away at any time. Derek's putting in eye drops, and Mark guesses that he and Meredith are back together and doing the "horizontal salsa." Derek corrects him with, "Mambo! Horizontal mambo." I find it very hard to believe that a man-whore like Mark would make such a mistake. Derek then tells him that he and Mere are just friends, all the while with a sexy shit-eating grin on his face. Maybe it's just that this season is already lighter than Season Three, but I feel like McDreamy might actually earn his nickname back one of these days if things keep moving in this good-looking direction. Mark adds, "Sexy friends." He's a saucy minx. Derek tells him he's disgusting, but he's laughing so it doesn't carry much weight, and Mark tells him that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Derek just asks him how many nurses he's slept with this week. Mark responds, "That's not a problem, man, that's an adventure." If only there were men like this in my workplace. Or even men, period.

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