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In the clinic, Lexie finally approaches Mere instead of just staring, and asks where the thermometers are. Mere cuts her off and asks if she really doesn't know, or if it's an excuse to talk. Lexie stammers, and Meredith adds, "Simple question, Lexie. Are you an idiot? Or a stalker?" Lexie is stunned and clearly hurt, and Meredith looks annoyed, but also pained. She knows it was mean and she's not usually mean, but she finally lays it out: "But I'm a person who just doesn't want to know you. And you are a person who is making that very difficult. So please, just stop making it so difficult for me to not know you. Okay." She leaves, and Lexie gapes after her.

Derek's checking on a still-asleep, post-surgery Marla when he hears a noise from the bathroom. Inside is Dave, panicking because Brian won't wake up. Derek pleads with him while Dave sweats profusely and cries that he's a good dad who doesn't want to hurt his baby. He also doesn't want to go to jail; thank goodness he picked such a slick hiding place that no one would ever look. But I think by the time you're cooking drugs on the kitchen stove, you're not getting mistaken for a rocket scientist. Derek convinces him to give up the baby, and runs Brian out of the room to get help.

It turns out the reason Brian went quiet is that he had a stroke. Bailey and Alex are watching the surgery, Bailey commenting on how horrifying it is for a baby to have a stroke, and Alex sitting silently. He then tells Bailey she can yell at him, but she replies that it's not her job. He tells her she can if she wants, with a slight note of hope in his voice that she might do it, and says he deserves it. Given the chance, she gives him a fantastic ass-whooping. "Oh, you do deserve it. You do deserve, Dr. Karev, to be chas-tised for your stunningly poor decision-making. You certainly earned a reprimand for your unbelievably destructive tactical error." She continues, even smacking him when she gets to the part about getting in the face of a known drug dealer. "Are you without intelligence, because I know you were taught better than that. I taught you better than that, Dr. Karev. Got in the face of a drug dealer. Fool!" During the entire tirade he never turns his head, but once she's done, he glances towards her and quietly and sincerely thanks her. She rocks with her eyes closed, coming down from her own high, and replies, "Oh no, thank you." While I respect the Chief's reasons for not making her Chief Resident, it's moments like this that tell me everyone there needed her to be.

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