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Lexie seems to have gathered up her courage, and approaches Mere one more time in the clinic, seemingly a glutton for punishment. She tells Mere that she is a nice person, and that she doesn't know what she did to Mere, but they have the same dad. At that moment, Mere cuts her off to say that they don't. The anger is gone; it's stated as fact. She explains sadly, exhausted, "My dad disappeared when I was five years old and I never saw him again. Does that sound like the dad you grew up with?" Lexie shakes her head. Mere continues, "I kicked a man out of my bed in the middle of the night; the world's most perfect man, who loves me, and I can't let him. And it doesn't take a shrink to figure out why. Because our dad chose you. So I'm sure you are a very nice girl, Lexie, but I hope you can understand, you're not a girl I ever want to have to know." Lexie tries to breathe and control the tears in her eyes. I feel like a proud mom; after so long, Meredith can reasonably have a conversation and admit, concisely, her true feelings. But at the same time, it would be nice to see her make even a little bit of effort to fix them as a next step.

George sits by Clark's bed as he babbles and sweats, chastising himself for trying drugs just once at a party and ending up an addict. This scene shall be called "Kids, Don't Try Drugs!" He says drugs aren't him, and then on cue he seizes up.

Cristina finally sucks it up and goes to find Mama. She tells her hello, and Mama greets her with, "Took you long enough." It's moments like this that I feel the two of them are actually more similar than Cristina would like to admit. Mama says that she came to pick up Burke's things and her necklace from the apartment, and so Cristina offers her keys and says to leave them under the mat. She turns to leave, but Mama adds that she wanted to say sorry. She says she thinks she came to know Cristina, and that she loves being a surgeon even more than she loved Burke. She confirms that Cristina wants to continue with cardiothoracic surgery, and says she's not only sorry Cristina lost the man she loved, but that she lost her teacher. "With him by your side, you could have been a brilliant heart surgeon." Cristina is stunned to receive such a slap wrapped up in a conciliatory tone. She merely responds, "I see." Mama then tells her, "You're a strong woman, Cristina, I respect that. I wish I could have been born at another time, I may have been more like you." She says she'll leave the key under the mat but as she turns to leave, Cristina asks if Mama will take away the wedding gifts, which she will. After a beat, Cristina asks, "He's never coming back, is he. Not even to say goodbye." Mama just tells her, "Remember, you're a strong woman." It's a strange scene, but even with the odd teacher comment, I think that somehow she did end up respecting Cristina for who she was.

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