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George watches as a sheet is drawn over poor, dead Clark's face. Izzie comes up to him and he can only say, "His heart couldn't take it. There was too much damage. He couldn't take it." He then declares that he's not, and won't be, this guy, and that he's going to tell Callie. Izzie is crushed. Which makes so much sense, because you want the guy you supposedly love to remain married to someone else and keep you a secret, and also because it's icing on the cake for him to not have balls. Seriously, Izzie, pick a way you want it and go with it for a while.

Callie runs after the Chief; she's dressed in street clothes and looks ready to go home. He's fuming, and tells her he's got tons of paperwork to do on account of the kidnapped baby. He rubs in that he was going to see his wife but instead he's going to do this. She offers to help, but he tells her she's helped enough for one day.

Marla finally wakes up, and Cristina is beside her, filling out paperwork. Marla confusedly asks what happened and Cristina matter-of-factly tells her that the crystal meth she was cooking exploded, and that her son had meth in his system and had a stroke. Marla is horrified as Cristina continues that the surgery went smoothly and that Dave is with the police, who will also want to speak with her. Marla begins to cry and gasp, and Cristina flips on her human switch and goes to her, telling her to breathe slowly while rather tenderly fixing her oxygen tube. She quietly tells her, "I'm sure it must feel as though everything is coming apart. You can get through this." She listens to Marla's heart, and soothingly tells her to breathe until she calms down. Mama's speech looks like it might make Cristina rise to the challenge of becoming even better without Burke.

Mere tells us, "The thing about addiction is, it never ends well. Because eventually, whatever it is that was getting us high, stops feeling good. And starts to hurt." Lexie has definitely stopped feeling good, and begins to cry in the locker room.

Derek's waiting in some dimly-lit room like a godfather when Mark walks by and pops his head in to invite him for a drink. Derek says he has a problem, so Mark asks what's up. Derek corrects, "No. I'm admitting I...I have a problem." Good for you, Derek! Here's a cookie as a reward for your big grown-up step.

Ben's out of surgery and sadly asks Izzie what's going to happen to his neighbors. She explains that Brian's grandmother will take custody. Ben tells her they were all the family he had, which makes her sad. Make a note -- she's having a feeling for someone other than herself. "After 60 years on this planet, my family is a couple of drug dealers and their kid." After a moment, Izzie replies, "You know, just because people do horrible things, it doesn't mean they're horrible people." Only sometimes.

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