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Once out in the hall, Bailey asks Callie for a resident to help out in the clinic. Callie turns her down flat -- a move sure to result in a Karmic Bailey Smackdown later, but for now it just results in an incredulous look. She insists that the clinic is voluntary so she won't force any of the residents to work there. "But you can have as many interns as you need, okay?" I think it's safe to say we can read Bailey's mind here, and it's saying, "Oh no she DIDN'T."

Cristina is working at the nurses' station when Unnamed Familiar Male Nurse comes up to demand the waffle maker he couldn't score on the last round of negotiations. He tells her that this time, he's got something she wants. He nods to the door, and Cristina turns and sees none other than Mama Burke. She disappears below the desk as Mama comes up to ask for her. He thinks a moment, but a punch in the leg from Cristina means "You'll be having delicious Belgian waffles by morning," and he tells Mama that he thinks Cristina is in surgery. She announces that she'll wait.

Mere meets up with Cristina and Izzie in the hallway. Cristina tells her that Mama is there, just as Izzie declares she's working with Callie and needs to find George. She's ignored completely. Meredith can't quite figure out that it's MAMA Mama and not Cristina's mom, so Cristina insults her brain power. Meredith is quick to point out she can go back to a patient, but Cristina grabs her and apologizes. Izzie offers to go talk to Mama in exchange for the Mixmaster and George's location. Deliciously, they still seem to not notice her presence. I'd say this is the feel-good moment of this week's episode, hands down. The Chief grabs Cristina to scrub in for surgery and as she leaves, she asks Mere to get rid of Mama politely. Meredith finally realizes Izzie is there; Izzie yells about looking for George. We need more of these episodes in which Izzie and her whining are completely dismissed. Seriously.

Dave is freaking out, talking loudly over his shrieking son. He's freaking out about why Brian won't stop crying, and Alex picks him up to try and soothe him. While holding him, he seems to smell something on his hair. When the nurse comes in and shows the CT results are negative, Alex orders a tox screen.

Bailey's walking through the clinic, instructing Interns Two and Three -- one of whom is Lexie, but I'm not sure which number is hers. They take notes frantically as she points out the rooms for private patient conversations (not private personal ones) and orders them to memorize where everything is located. Male Intern asks excitedly if they'll be able to do their own procedures. Bailey is struck dumb for a moment at the mere suggestion, and puts them in their place in patented fashion, explaining, "No, you are interns. You are in charge of nothing." She expands on just how much nothing they are in charge of, and to punctuate the speech, Lexie knocks over a pile of supplies. I really waffle between kind of liking her on the one hand, and on the other hand thinking she's too much Izzie 2.0. She asks what if they can't find anyone, and is answered only with a glare.

Mere walks through the waiting room and acts surprised but happy to see Mama, who observes, "You're the maid of honor. Miss Grey." She confirms it, so Mama goes on. "When you stood up in front of Preston's friends and loved ones and said, 'It's over, it's over, it's soooo over,' were you trying to smash the hopes of the best man or were you trying to be funny?" Mama 1, Meredith 0. Which is the very shape her mouth is making as she can only gawk, and Mama continues, "Because making light of that situation would be inappropriate. And to use that moment to send a message to your boyfriend, well, that's selfish." More Mere gaping. "So were you being inappropriate, or being selfish?" Out of her league, Mere stammers, apologizes, and runs away. Mama calls after the little cartoon cloud of dust left in her wake that she should report to Cristina that Mama's waiting, and will continue to do so.

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