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In Ben Vereen's room, Izzie knocks stuff off a tray in order to beautifully illustrate my Izzie-Lexie comparison. He's more worried about Dave, Marla, and Brian than he is about himself. It sounds like his shoulder is broken? The medspeak is really hard to follow this week. He just continues on about how bright and gorgeous Brian is. He then asks Mark, who is ministering to his burns, if he has any kids. Not that he knows of! Classy. But then again, self-aware. Ben tells him to get on it and not end up being an old bachelor like he is. Could this be foreshadowing a 'Mark finally falls in love for real' storyline? Izzie watches all this with a Meaningful look on her face. They talk a little more about getting older, and Ben makes note of the two pretty girls in the room with them. Callie laughs and insists she's happily married, causing Izzie to knock over a tray of extra-clattery instruments. I should hope Callie has clued in by this point to what's going on, because if not, they've dumbed her down even more than I thought.

But despite her best efforts to let everyone in the hospital know of their clandestine emotional affair, Izzie grabs George once she's out of Ben's room to tell him they can't tell Callie. He pulls her into a doorway. It must be one of those Magic Doorways where no one can see people having a tense, close talk without all of their co-workers figuring out the massively obvious fact that they've hooked up. And are also really bad liars. Let's make this short and sweet and not dwell too much: Now that Izzie's working with Callie she insists that George can't tell her. That Izzie, always a giver. George is understandably pissed -- he's found his spine again after a long vacation away and now the woman he loves (oh, barf) is telling him not to use it. She apologizes to him and gets really close, and he tells her that until he tells Callie, they can't do anything. She knows, they have an almost-kiss moment, and she finally leaves. Excuse me while I go wash my eyes in bleach.

Mere runs into Bailey in the hall, and after updating her on a patient, Bailey tells her she's needed in the clinic. When Mere starts to say no, Bailey interrupts to uncharacteristically beg, since she's got "idiot interns" in her clinic. But then she goes to some more typical Bailey maneuvering. She tells Mere she's not telling her. "I'm asking. NICELY. I'm just saying, if I ever did anything for you, like, I don't know, saved your life. If you ever felt you owed me a debt of thanks, now is when I'd like to collect. Please?" Meredith is glaring at her now. Bailey 1, Meredith 0. She's really not putting anything on the scoreboard today. Beaten, she heads into the clinic, and her face falls when Lexie runs up to her, all chipper that she'll be around.

Clark is hyperventilating, sweating, and chatting away as he's moved into the CT scanner. He tells George he isn't claustrophobic, but still can't stop sweating and talking about how he was just on his way to work. Even if the episode didn't have "addiction" in the title and repeated references to being a junkie, I think you would be able to see where this is going.

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