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Make Me Lose Control

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Make Me Lose Control

Previously on Grey's Anatomy: Derek's married (still), Richard had brain surgery, Burke broke up with an unbeknownst-to-him pregnant Cristina. Cristina had to designate an emergency contact on a form and named Meredith her Person. And Meredith's mother has Alzheimer's and doesn't even recognize her, but most of the hospital staff think she's just out of town doing something brilliant.

When I re-watched this episode, I realized as soon as I saw Cristina and Meredith jogging that this was in fact the very first episode of Grey's I ever saw. And in re-watching it, it's no wonder it hooked me onto this show. I don't think I need to go into how these Season 2 episodes illustrate the glaring difference in quality between the show in Seasons 1 and 2 as compared to Season 3, not again. We all know, and for these last few classic recaps, I think I just need to accept it and appreciate revisiting these episodes.

So where were we starting? Ah yes, Cristina and Meredith are jogging through a park. Cristina is clearly struggling, and calls Meredith a sadist. I completely agree; I still don't understand anyone who claims they enjoy running. They are wrong. Meredith uses the reasoning that all those crazy running-lovers use, that the endorphins are supposed to make you feel better. Cristina asks her if she feels better and leans over to catch her breath while Mere runs circles around her. There's some affectionate name-calling: "Slutty mistress." "Pregnant whore." Cristina comments on what a great idea it was for them to sleep with their bosses. Mere says that since Derek has a thing for ferryboats (have you heard?), now they are ruined for her. As for Cristina, now coronary artery bypass grafts are ruined for her. It doesn't quite roll off the tongue like "ferryboats"; I can see why they kept one and ditched the other as a recurring theme. Both of the girls lie down in the grass.

Meredith VO: "Surgeons are control freaks. With a scalpel in your hand, you feel unstoppable. There's no fear, there's no pain." She asks Cristina if she's cried yet and gets a "hell-OOO" in response because seriously, has she met Cristina? They do admit they might feel better if they cried. Her VO continues. "You're ten feet tall and bulletproof. And then you leave the OR." With horrified realization, Cristina asked if Meredith wants to cry now, and Meredith immediately denies it and instead gets them up and jogging again. VO: "And all that perfection, all that beautiful control, just falls to crap."

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