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Make Me Lose Control

Burke rushes out of Ellis's operating room and orders George to put a rush on the lab tests on orders from the Chief. George turns to ask a question but Burke is no longer paying attention, having seen Cristina's name on the board. He tells George to have the lab run all the tests and then focuses on the board, where next to Cristina's name it announces, "Ectopic pregnancy." I have to take a moment to ask, weren't there any condoms around seven weeks ago? They work in a HOSPITAL, after all, and clearly that's where the illicit sex was taking place. Okay, I'm done; back to Cristina breaking my heart.

Bailey is sleeping in a chair next to Cristina's bed when Cristina wakes up and asks Bailey what happened. Bailey gently tells her that it was an extra-uterine pregnancy and that her left Fallopian tube burst. She says that they did all they could but they couldn't save the tube since there was too much damage. Unspoken is that they also couldn't save the pregnancy. Cristina closes her eyes.

Kelly wakes up from her surgery and says hi to Meredith, who reports that her surgery was successful. They're doing follow-up, and Dr. Shepherd will be in soon to check on her. Kelly smiles and then quickly asks Meredith to say that again. Alex, continuing to prove with nearly every scene that he's as dense as a mail-order fruitcake, asks what. Kelly says to say his name, and when they do, her face stays the same normal shade of pale. She keeps repeating his name happily, and Meredith says, "Guess it was worth the risk." Kelly can't stop happily touching her cheek. Mere and Alex leave her room, and Alex admits he still thinks she was crazy to have major surgery just so people can't tell how she's feeling. Mere asks if he really thinks that, and he finally shows a tiny shred of understanding and says he guesses not. Then in a surprising move, he tells Meredith that she can talk if she needs to. Predictably, she's "fine." Alex calls her on it with, "You've said that word so many times today, it doesn't even sound like a word anymore. I'm just saying you can talk to me, because even if I repeat every word you say, no one around here likes me, they'll just call me a liar and move on." Maybe he gets things a little more than I give him credit for. She tells him, "Izzie likes you." He smiles, and she says he's blushing, so he tells her to shut up. Aw. I just started singing "Puppy Love" in my head for a moment. He gets serious and tells her, "For what it's worth, I don't know how you're still on your feet. If I found out my mom might have cancer, I'd be under the bar right now." Meredith seems to feel confident enough now that she's found a safe outlet and admits her feelings to him. "You want the ugly truth?" Though he can't believe she has one, he asks for it. "I'm more afraid she doesn't have cancer." Alex says liver cancer is painful but fast, and they give you morphine. "They don't give you morphine for Alzheimer's." He agrees, and she asks, "What kind of person wishes their mother had cancer?"

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