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Make Me Lose Control

Derek finds Meredith crying outside. (In the rain, natch.) When he says her name, she again tells him, "Don't." She then begs him not to say anything at all. He agrees, but his inner turmoil is all over his pretty face and he clearly wants to go to her. She gets up while he's waffling and turns to him, announcing that she's exhausted. "My mother's exhausting, what happened to Cristina...and you. Hating you is the most exhausting." She then takes his face and kisses him. "I don't want to do it anymore." Then runs inside. He's stunned and sad. Mark your calendars! I believe this is the very first of many occasions to come where Derek kisses both his wife and his girlfriend on the same day and looks really tortured about his situation.

Meredith VO: "No one likes to lose control. But as a surgeon, there's nothing worse." Ellis is suddenly all sweet, reacting favorably to George's confidence (take note guys -- that gets us every time). She pats the bed for him to sit down and when he does, she pulls him down to lie next to her. Thankfully, that's all she does; there's no attempting to "play doctor."

VO: "It's a sign of weakness. Of not being up to the task." Izzie asks Alex, "How can someone be so offensive and yet so charming all at the same time?" He tells her it's an art form, to which she smiles and walks away. On cue, he follows her. Mere continues, "And still, there are times where it just gets away from you." Ellis kisses George/Thatch on the cheek. "When the world stops spinning, and you realize your shiny little scalpel isn't going to save you." Mere walks in and sits next to Cristina's bed.

Burke tells Mr. Gaston that when they went in, the surgery turned out to be more complicated. He gives a long technical medical explanation that something in his lung had spread and had caused a rip in his heart. Mr. G. asks what that means in English. Burke takes off his glasses, stutters, and then manages to get out that he literally had a broken heart. "But now I', you're going to be fine." He laughs nervously at himself and walks out. Well, at least he's stuttering and giggling after the man's surgery is over. Meredith says, "No matter how hard you fight it, you fall. And it's scary as hell." Burke blinks back tears and arrives at Cristina's room to see her lying in bed with her eyes closed. But she's not alone, all of the other interns are in with her. Mere: "Except if there's an upside to freefalling, it's the chance you give your friends to catch you." Burke puts hands in pockets and walks away. He seems puzzled but intrigued by this idea of "friends." Suck it, Burke. I wasn't a fan of yours and Cristina's relationship even this early; score one for her kick-ass friends being better for her than you could or will ever be.

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