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Make Me Lose Control

In the locker room, Izzie is flirting with Alex while the other three interns look on, gaping and speechless. Wow, I wish I hadn't gone out with this kind of guy before who left my friends with the same looks on their faces. This is sort of a painful reminiscence for me. Unfortunately, mine didn't turn out to be gruffly sensitive down the road, dammit. Neither George, Cristina, nor Mere can fathom why she's hanging out with Alex or how a friendship might be forming. George finally whispers desperately, "Make the lambs stop screaming!" Oh, George, it's like you looked into my soul for all of Season 3. Too bad it was because of Izzie's relationship with you.

In the hallway, Izzie tries to convince them that Alex is sweet once you get to know him, but they aren't buying it. At that moment Alex, a few paces ahead of them, turns around and says he's heard Mere has tapes of her mom performing surgery and that he'd kill to see them. Meredith only glowers at him in response and, not reading the room, Izzie brightly suggests that he come over and they all watch! Maybe later they'll all braid each other's hair and make s'mores in the microwave! Cristina looks disgusted at the idea; Meredith only responds, "Oh yeah, if this were a hell dimension." Having had enough, Cristina orders him to "Run away, pig boy." George then performs his own meek beginning to an intervention, placing himself in Izzie's path and asking if she has a thing for Alex. She says "no" defiantly, in that totally obvious way that, despite how transparent it is, we've all done. Oh, come on, you know you've done it when you liked the bad/geeky/inappropriate guy at school/work/the mall. Bailey, sensing that the cats are starting to stray, tries to herd them back along with a yell.

Derek gets in the elevator, where the Chief is wearing a hat and trying to look nonchalant about it. After Derek compliments his style choice and asks him what he's doing, Richard defiantly tells him he's going back to work. Derek informs him that he's not been cleared for surgery. Richard: "Leave me alone. I've been sitting at home for a week, watching Oprah give away things on TV. Oprah, Derek. You clear me now or I'll hurt you." Oh, come on, Richard. You haven't liked that, just a little bit? Doesn't everyone watch the episode where Oprah gives away her favorite things to the audience, even though everyone admits it with a touch of shame in their voices? You haven't once hoped against hope that you could figure out how to become one of those audience members? Maybe it's just me, then. Derek tells him that if he wanted to be cleared quickly, "maybe you should have thought of that before you gave Chief to Burke and invited Satan to Seattle." The elevator dings, and Satan herself walks in and compliments the hat, much more sincerely than Derek did. He comments, "Satan speaks." Addie replies, "Actually, I prefer 'Ruler of All That Is Evil.' But I will answer to Satan." Ignoring her, Derek asks why she's still there, and Richard explains that he asked her to fill in for a pediatric attending who's on maternity leave. Addie then adds that she could use Derek on a consult. He gets off the elevator asserting that he's not clearing Richard for surgery, so Richard replies that he'll catch up on paperwork .

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