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Make Me Lose Control

Burke is packing up his things in the Chief's office, doing some overly cheerful ass-kissing. Richard tells him to stop fishing, and that while he did a great job, Richard plans to be there for a long time to come. Burke finally admits, "I'm glad that you're back. I'm just hiding my joy, deep down inside." For the most part I'm not going to miss Burke next season, but what I will miss is the occasional deadpan joke like this one. "And Chief? The hat? It's a little pimped out." Richard takes it off, not sure if he wants to be pimped out I could have sworn a bandage was visible under the hat in the elevator, but now there's nothing there, other than a really well-healed scar for so soon after surgery.

As Burke leaves, Meredith comes in and welcomes him back. She then tells him that she's there because of her mother. She hands over Ellis's chart and as he reads it, he grows incredibly sad and sits down. She apologizes for not telling him but explains that her mom made her promise. And as we've learned already, she is not the woman you want to cross. Meredith continues, "She seems to be reliving the heyday of her residency a lot these days, and I just thought maybe if you could stop by and say hello, it would mean a lot to her." He pauses, clearly having some sort of issue with it, but then tells her of course he will, and asks if she needs the day off. She naturally tells him she's fine, and leaves.

George is in with Ellis, but she's making it impossible as she bats him away and screams at him. Even worse, she thinks that he's Meredith's dad, whom she seems to have loathed. They have a tug-of-war over her chart and he tells her she just needs to check it, but she spits that she's "not in the mood to play doctor now." That's just a saying I never want to hear out of anyone over the age of five, but especially not out of a parent or parental figure. She keeps screaming at George and Meredith is able to get his attention from the hallway. She tells him that Ellis is allergic to penicillin, and to be patient. He asks who Thatch is and she says he's her father, and looks gutted at what his question must mean. They have an awkward conversation and George puts on his happy face, but back in the room Ellis keeps turning away from him.

Meredith runs into Derek and addresses him as "Dr. Shepherd." He tells her that he heard the news, clearly worried about her as she confirms it. She sticks to calling him Dr. and when he tells her she doesn't have to do that, she asserts that she does. She tells him that she wants in on a surgical case, and he owes her this since she never asks him for anything like that. He immediately tells her to scrub in on an ATS that afternoon. Ah, emotional blackmail to get yourself into the OR for surgery. Reminds me again why, if admitted to Seattle Grace, I'd run out through a wall leaving a Lauren-shaped cartoon hole in order to avoid these people working on me.

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