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Make Me Lose Control

Up in the NICU, Addie is gazing at the baby when Izzie walks in; Addie comments on the baby's good grip. The test results don't look good and the antibiotics aren't working, so Addie tells Izzie sadly that she should get reassigned since they won't be doing surgery on the baby. Izzie asks if it turns out Derek was right, and Addie merely answers by saying she's too far gone, but comments again that she has a good grip, while the camera pans in on the tiny hand grasping her finger and showing off her wedding ring. I'm not sure, but I think this might be a metaphor for the grip that Addie is keeping on her marriage. It's very subtle, however, so I can't be positive.

Burke's surgery is proceeding, but Cristina looks like hell as she observes; she's sweating and looking around, trying to focus her eyesight. He notices this and calls her name, asking, "Is my surgery interfering with your daydreaming?" She says no and apologizes, and you can tell she's sick by how submissively she answered the question. Izzie walks into the gallery to watch the surgery next to Bailey, and lets out one of those Loud Dramatic Sighs that everyone just loooves hearing since they know they're expected to ask what the problem is. Bailey complies and asks if Izzie has a problem, and also asks if she has a mocha latte. As her reply is negative, Bailey orders her to go away. Izzie instead says she needs to be reassigned, and they both get a little bit sad that the baby can't be saved. The conversation turns, and Bailey asks Izzie if she knew about Ellis. Izzie angrily says no and begins ranting about how you think you know someone... "Share a house, make wishes on eyelashes together. But we don't know each other. None of us. We're just a bunch of interns who work together and there's nothing there." Well, that's just because the circle of sleeping with each other hasn't started in earnest yet, Iz. Be patient. Inside the OR, Cristina's POV shows Burke's face going fuzzy. She then can't answer a question that he asks, and he mocks her and tells her to do her homework. As the perfect comeback, she collapses at that very moment.

Burke has changed his tune and is, well, completely freaking out over Cristina, shouting instructions and trying to find out what they know. Dude! Hands in a guy's chest! And by the way, I'd guess everyone knows the same amount you do. Izzie and Bailey have rushed in to Cristina, and he orders them to give him an update once she's stabilized. Her pulse is racing, and Bailey orders meds to help when Cristina, somewhat conscious now, starts to look panicked. Izzie removes her oxygen mask so she can whisper desperately, "I'm seven weeks, I'm pregnant, Izzie. Izzie, I'm pregnant." It's horrible to see someone who's usually so composed so scared. Bailey is stunned but quickly gets back to business and sends her to pre-op, telling Izzie to get Addison and to be discreet. Izzie is still trying to absorb everything as the elevator doors close.

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