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Mere lets us in on a secret: all doctors are competitive science nerds. This is… a secret? I would hope they were, given that they dedicated their life to science. Callie and Derek are working on an actual model of an arm and hand that is picking things up, and they hook up their next test subject to the machine so that she can move it herself. The woman, Becca, comments drily that when they do this she feels like the Bride of Frankenstein -- understandable as they are hooking cords up to big plugs set in her head.

Mere tells us that doctors compete because they all want to be the one who actually changes the face of medicine. Mere and Stephanie are trying to do so by… shearing a sheep. Actually, the sheep is their first test subject to receive a 3D-printed portal vein. Stephanie herself exclaims happily that they are changing the face of medicine. Or giving the face a shave, at least.

Meanwhile, Cristina apparently decided to do right by her patients and focus her mind on her work and off of her sexual frustrations by sleeping with her resident. She and Smash are giggly and post-coital in an on-call room and he convinces her they have time to go again before their conduit finishes printing.

Arizona and Callie meet up in the hall and both are cheerful but still tense with each other as they catch up on their days. Arizona asks if Callie is going to make it to April's shower, and Callie totally forgot and seems less than excited about it. Her mood isn't helped when Arizona reminds her that April is their friend, and she promises to be there if she can. Which I interpret as her surely finding something else to do during that time.

They walk past Princess, Stephanie and Leah, who greets them both, sporting a rather shellacked, poofy updo that would better suit someone twenty years older about twenty years ago. Leah's proud that she managed to sound professional but admits when asked that she's still dying inside. Smash runs up and tells them there are two seats left in the gallery, and Leah and Princess claim them immediately. Stephanie is insulted that they want to watch Cristina and Smash's surgery and not her own, but they just can't muster up excitement for a sheep.

Owen walks up to Mere and tells her it's a big day, but even he doesn't care about the poor sheep -- he was talking about Cristina's surgery on baby Nathan and forgot about Mere's surgery altogether. She's irked, but before she can give him crap Richard is wheeled out, finally having been discharged. He's embarrassed but pleased to see that everyone gathered to say goodbye, even though he points out that he's not going far and he will, in fact, be back to work. Bailey says, incredibly stilted, that he got himself better, but Richard replies that she's the one who got him better. He's wheeled into the elevator, and as the door closes Bailey starts pulling on her fingers. A psychiatrist, Dr. Alma (played by Illeana Douglas) appears to have been assigned to shadow Bailey and asks her if Richard leaving is stressful for her. Bailey snaps that it's not, but Alma replies by asking why, then, is she counting her fingers?

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