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Derek takes over voiceover duties this week, talking about brain mapping. As he has his morning coffee and watches Zola draw, he tells us that the brain has millions of connections that first seem to be random, but that it turns out they are anything but. We see how the brain works when she reaches for his mug and he tells her it is hot so she pulls her hand away. He then connects some dots that she had drawn so that they form a zigzag. She's a child genius!

At work, he looks at what appears to be a small chip of some sort, and Callie is grinning at whatever medical marvel this happens to be. Derek then implants this piece into a dude's brain, and his voiceover turns into a speech he is giving to some other doctors frantically writing notes to not miss any brilliant gem from The Derek Shepherd. He tells them that the connections determine everything we do and who we are. The patient whose brain now houses the chip is a quadriplegic named Mickey, and when Derek instructs him to make a fist, Mickey thinks about it and then a computer-generated hand on the screen in front of him forms into a fist. Derek and Smash are watching a screen that is showing them Mickey's brain activity as he does this. Mickey is super good-natured and happily makes his virtual hand do a "hang loose" gesture, to everyone's delight. He's bummed, though, that Callie seems to be missing. Derek got a text from her but his attention is mostly on the brain monitor as he notices that one lobe doesn't have a whole lot going on. Smash asks if it could be a bad connection and while Derek hopes so, he orders an MRI. He then also hands Smash a red coffee mug and asks him to put it in the diaper bag with his other stuff.

But when Smash gets to the locker room, he finds Leah, Princess and Stephanie already there, giddy that they all actually have lab coats there with their names on them. Leah is also giddy about her secret relationship, which she mentions but then quickly tells everyone that she wishes she could tell them what's going on but she can't. No one is actually listening to her, and their attention is quickly diverted when Smash realizes that there is a lab coat there for Heather. He freaks and runs out, and the girls again all wonder what's wrong with him and if maybe he failed his intern exam, since he didn't go out and celebrate with them when it was over. Of course, then he wouldn't have a lab coat, and obviously it has something to do with Heather even if they don't know what it is, but the girls are all going to play idiots who are baffled by social cues this week. Steph tells Leah about him kissing her and Leah uses this as another excuse to mention her secret tryst. Still, no one is actually interested in her news despite how desperately Leah wishes they were.

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