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Everybody Hurts
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Here it is, my darlings -- the penultimate episode of this eighth season of Grey's Anatomy. Meredith's weekly VO talks about migrating swallows while Owen writes residents' names on a whiteboard and he and the other attendings discuss their migration. The only difference is that, presumably, the residents aren't then coming back to Seattle when the seasons change again. OR ARE THEY? Well, we'll have to see. The attendings are all giving Owen info on where the residents have received offers. Avery has offers from USC, Penn, Tulane and Emory and the last two are pushing hard. Oooh, yes, come to Atlanta, my friend. Fine, fine, yes, the show is imaginary and this wouldn't mean I'd actually see him. But STILL. Meredith is still deciding between Boston and Seattle and Owen warns Derek that he wants an answer soon since her choosing Boston would mean he's also losing his well-coiffed top neurosurgeon too. There's an awkward moment when Owen has to ask where his wife is considering going; after an uncomfortable pause Teddy tells him that Columbia and Stanford are both in it but she's confident Cristina will stay. Arizona has the only solid piece of good news and she proudly announces that Alex is going to stay.

Owen reminds them all that they need to know what everyone is doing soon, in case he needs to start hiring some new doctors. I just pray that if he does, they aren't featured characters because this cast has just gotten too huge. He then reminds them that they will be helping Boise Memorial with a conjoined twin surgery and everyone going should be in the lobby ready to leave the following night at 10 PM. After everyone files out Richard tells him that he should be proud that he trained the kids so well but Owen points out that Richard is the one who should be proud as he is the one who actually trained them. Richard beams and doesn't feign modesty -- he's bursting with pride.

As they are talking, the brilliant future doctors of tomorrow are partying like it's 2005 with tequila shots, loud music, and drunken jumpy dancing. (Let's not do anything silly like try to correct the timeline to adjust for how many seasons it took them all to get through their first two years of residency -- then we might all need tequila shots when our heads threaten to explode.) By the looks of Meredith's house, there were approximately a million other residents at Seattle Grace who all just took their boards -- the downstairs is packed. Mere and Cristina are gleefully screaming about how awesome they did while they dance to Sexy and I Know It. April is drunkenly chair dancing while Avery tries to get her to talk about what they did, but she's absolutely determined not to discuss it and just slurs to him that they are still friends and it's all good. She then jumps up and runs over to dance with Mere and Cristina but she's so manic and spastic that she scares them all a little.

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